Monday, November 16, 2009

Hawks Sharks game pics

So I was able to go to the Hawks Sharks game at the United Center yesterday. It was my first time seeing either team in person and the game was amazing. Not only did my boys win but my favorite Hawks dman Brent Seabrook had the game winner in overtime. I took a ton of pictures and while they didn't turn out as well as I would have liked I did get some good ones. I figured since this story was about Patrick Kane and the hawks I would share some of them.


I love Joe Thornton. He was seriously one of my first hockey crushes and I still love him to this day




Tazer talking to a ref during a video review to see if SJ had scored a goal, which ended up being upheld as not a goal.


I labeled this picture as " My two favorite Patricks"


Seabs during a stoppage in play


Tazer waiting to take a face off


Kaner and Heater waiting for a face off


Sharpie waiting for a face off


Another of Kaner


Kaner and Tazer waiting for a face off


Seabs being interviewed as the first star of the game

I have some other pics but if I put them all on here this post would be huge. I plan on making an actual post tonight or tomorrow. I have some of the next one written but I am stuck about half way. I am not really sure where I want this story to go but I am trying to figure it out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things aren't always beautiful Chapter 13

My right calf seized up in what was hands down the worst charlie horse I had ever experienced.

" Oww. Fuck. I practically screamed as I fell off of Patrick and grabbed at my leg.

" What the hell is wrong?" he said loudly, freaking out at my yelling

" Cramp. My leg." I shouted as I writhed around in pain.

He grabbed me and rolled me on my stomach. He grabbed my leg and started to massage my calf. The pain was still bad enough that I buried my face in the pillow to keep from yelling. It took a few minutes but finally my muscle started to relax.

"Better?" he asked as he kept massaging

" Yeah, better. Thank You." I rolled back into my back and stretched my leg. It was still tight but at least it wasn't making me scream. He scooted up and I finally looked at him. He had a small grin on his face and I could tell he was trying to hold back a laugh.

" It's not funny you ass."

" I'm not laughing" he said trying to supress it but not succeding

I glared at him as he started to laugh out loud

" come on, admit it. It's a little funny."

I tried to stay mad but when I thought about what had just happened I had to admit that I would think it's funny only if it had happened to someone else.

" Yeah your right. It is kinda funny."

" Oh by the way I won" he said with a satisfied smile on his face

" Um, won what?"

" How quickly you forget. You told me that you could resist me and I'm pretty sure that I proved you wrong"

" Technically we didn't finish so you didn't prove anything." I said not wanting to admit that he made me weak

He moved closer to me and kissed me.

" I really should get to bed, I do have an early practice tomorrow. I have all week to make you admit that your wrong."

We both settled into our spots and quickly fell asleep. The next morning seemed to come quickly and since I was use to getting up really early I woke up before him. I showered and changed and went to make sure that he was up in plenty of time for practice at ten. I sat on the bed next to him and ran my fingers through his hair.

" Pat wake up." I whispered in his ear

I didn't think that it worked but he opened one eye and pulled me against him on the bed. He buried his face in my hair and mumbled something that I didn't hear.

" What did you say?" I asked him as I tried to wiggle out of his arms

" To early" he grumbled

" It is not. Now come on get up you big baby. "

I got free and stood up I figured if I offered to cook for him it would motivate him to get his ass up and moving.

" I'll make you breakfast if you get up right now."

He looked at me like he was deciding if it was worth it.

" Really?" he asked suspiciously

" Sure. Now get up and get ready and I'll go see what I can find."

" Fine. I'll be down in a little while."

I went downstairs and found what I needed to make a quick breakfast. He came down a little while later as I was putting some eggs and toast on two plates. He came up behind me and put his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

" It smells good. I wasn't even sure if you could cook." He teased.

" I can. It's just not my favorite thing in the world"

I turned around and handed him the plate and a fork. We went to the table and sat to eat. He started to shovel the food in into his mouth. I just watched as he devoured the entire plate in under ten minutes.

"What?" He asked when he noticed I was looking at him

" Do you think that you could have inhaled the food any faster?"

He shrugged his shoulders and looked a little embarresed

" Sorry. Usually I am stuck eating lucky charms or something. I can't even boil water."

" I knew there was a reason you wanted me to move down here."

" Did you think there was some other reason?" he asked playing along with my teasing

His phone rang as I threw a napkin at him

" Yeah I'm up and ready. Okay see ya in a few." he said into the phone

He clicked it close and set in back on the table.

" Adam and Sharpie are going to be here in a little while."

" Okay. I am going to get some of those box's unpacked so I don't have to worry about it when I go back to work."

" Are you nervous about that?"

" Yeah of course I am. It's always nerve wracking to start a new job, but it seemed like a really great hospital and the few people that I got to meet seemed nice when I went in for my interview. "

" You'll do great"

" Thanks for the vote of confidence."

Just then we heard a car horn honking.

" I gotta go. I'll see you in a little while."

He got up and kissed me and grabbed his stuff and left. I got up and cleaned everything up and decided that now would be a good time to start unpacking some of the boxes that were sitting in the corner of the living room. I went and sat on the floor next to them and slid the first one closer to me. A few hours later I had just about everything unpacked and put away in the right spots. My back was killing me from lugging everything around so I decided to lay on the couch and relax for a few minutes. I heard the door open and several voices come through the door.

" Hey baby. Some of the guys wanted to come over and say hi." he said as the guys all filed in behind him. Adam came over and sat on my legs and put his arm on the back of the couch.

" Get off of me fatass" I groaned as my legs went immediatly numb

" I'll have you know that I have a fantastic ass" he protested

" Yeah fantastically huge." I said managing to push him off of me.

" Everyone wants to go out to welcome you to Chicago."

" Yeah cause that always works out so well." I said thinking about all of the drama that happened everytime we had went out in the past."

" Oh come on Karri is going to come with. She has been dying to hang out with you."

I looked at him and weighed my options. I didn't start work until next week and the guys were home for this week and afterwards had a east coast six day swing before they came home again.

" Okay."

I talked with the guys for a little while longer before I excused myself. I decided to take a nap since I was exhausted. A little while later I felt the bed dip down next to me. I opened my eyes and saw Pat looking at me with a little bit of worry in his eyes.

" are you alright. You've been sleeping for awhile."

" Yeah I'm fine. I think it's just the stress of moving catching up with me"

" Okay. I made sandwiches if your hungry."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

" You would tell me if something was wrong right?"

" Of course. Now lets go eat. I'm starving."

We went downstairs and ate our late lunch. I liked that we didn't feel rushed by the fact that I had to leave. We curled up on the couch and watched a movie. He excused himself for a little while because he had a phone interview to do with the nhl network but that didn't take very long. My phone rang and I saw that it was Karri

" Hey, what's up?"

" Not much. I heard you were coming out with tonight."

" Yeah I am."

" That's great. I am so sick of having to hang out with the two evil witches"

I laughed at her discription of Duncs and Buf girlfriends.

" Are they going to be there tonight?" I asked dreading the anwser

" Unfortunatly. They wouldn't pass up the opportunity to be seen in public with their famous boyfriends."

" Ugg I hope they don't try to start shit. I really don't feel like dealing with that right now. Hopefully I'll be able to avoid the both of them."

" Well I'll be there and Sharpie's girlfriend Anna is coming to so maybe we can just hang out and pretend they don't exist"

" Sounds like a plan to me."

" Alright. I'll see you later."

I decided that even though it was a little early that I wanted to look good so I went and started to get ready. I showered and decided to wear a low cut black sweater that showed of my breast to full advantage. I paired that with a pair of fitted jeans and my favorite pair of heeled boots. I curled the ends of my hair and put on more make up than I would normally wear. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I looked presentable. I went downstairs to find my boyfriend to see if I got his approval. I walked into the kitchen and he was standing by the counter with his back to me. I waited a minute and finally cleared my throat to get his attention. He finally turned around and his jaw just about hit the floor

" Wow" he said with amazement in his voice

"I take it you approve?"

" Not really actually. I am going to have to beat the guys off of you"

" Don't worry. A little competition never hurt anybody including you. Plus I don't think you'll have much competion anyways."

" I know I won't" he replied letting his ego show

I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but smile. If he lacked anything it certaintly wasn't confidence.

" Go get ready. We have to leave in a little while"

He went upstairs to get ready and in typical man fashion it didn't take very long. Even so I had to admit that he looked pretty hot and I was tempted to call the evening off and just stay in but I had promised the guys that we would be there so we left after calling and making sure where to meet everyone. We pulled in front of the same club where Patrick and I had spent our birthdays.

"Come on let's go" he said as he parked the car. He came around the car and helped me with the door and grabbed my hand as we went around the back to get in. The bouncer let us in without question and Patrick seemed oblivious to all the people, mostly girls, staring at us as we walked in. I saw Adam and Karri standing by the bar with duncs, Buf, Sharpie and all of their girlfriends. I noticed immediatly that Karri was talking to Anna but completely ignoring the other girls who were off to the sides by themselves. We made our way over to them and greeted everyone.

" Hey this is Anna, Sharpie's girlfriend" Karri said introducing the both of us. She was a beautiful girl, thin and blond and she smiled as she shook my hand.

" It's nice to finally meet you. Karri has told me so much about you."

" All good I hope"

" Yeah it's all been good."

I felt a arm wrap itself around my waist. Patrick reached around me and handed me a drink.

"Thanks babe."

" I know it's asking alot but I was wondering if you guys could at least try to include Lauri and Alexa in your little group."

" Do we have to?" I asked hating the thought of even having to interact with the bimbos for a minute

" You don't have to but it would make Duncs and Buf really happy."

" Okay, fine. Are you guys in? I am sure as hell not going to be stuck doing this by myself."

They both made faces but agreed. I turned around and kissed him

"You owe me."

" I know. I'm going to go hang out with the guys. I'll be over by the bar if you need anything."

He went over by the bar and we walked over to where the two girls were standing. I tried to smile as we went over to them. They both looked like clones and I realized that I had no idea who was who since I had never bothered to pay any attention.

"Hi ladies."

Both of them just stood there and stared at us like we were insane for talking to them.

" Is there something that you want?"

I gritted my teeth and kept the smile plastered on my face.

" We just thought we would come over and say hi"

" Oh"

They turned their backs and one of them started to text on their phone. All of a sudden they turned around and did a complete one eighty.

" Sorry. I'm Lauri and this is Alexa. I don't think we were ever introduced."

" Not formally no. I'm Melissa'

" You're the one who stole Pat from Tina right?" Alexa asked with a smile on here face.

I swallowd and thought for a second about how I should respond

" I can't help it she wasn't enough of a women to keep her man. And just for the record your guys will find real women someday and you'll both be out of the picture faster than you'll know what happened to you."

With that I turned around and walked off with Kari and Anna following closely behind me. As soon as we were out of earshot they both burst into laughter.

" Wow that was amazing." Karri said still chortling

" Yeah that was pretty great." Anna said in agreement

" I don't know why I even bothered. Those girls are just waste of sperm and eggs."

" No doubt. Lets get something to drink."

We went to the bar and got some drinks. We went over to the guys and started to talk. I noticed that Lauri and Alexa kept looking over at us and it seemed like they were talking but I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of giving them a reaction. I noticed them waving at someone and I couldn't help but turn and look. It was the one person that I had hoped to never see again.

" Oh Shit. This can't be good." Karri said as she followed my eyes

" This dumb bitches probably told her that we were here"

I moved over to Patrick and put my arms around his neck and got up on my toes so I could get his attention

" Tina's here. I think Lauri and Alexa told her that you were here."

" I know. I saw her. Don't worry, if she tries to start anything I'll just have security kick her out okay?"

I nodded my head and tried not to worry. She walked over to Lauri and Alexa and started to talk to them. I watched her like a hawk and after awhile I relaxed as she didn't come anywhere near us. I didn't want my whole night to be ruined because of here so I decided to dance. I danced with all of the guys. After a little while Pat excused himself to go to the bathroom. Almost fifteen minutes went by and he didn't come back so I went to go look for him. I made my way to the bathrooms and I thought I saw two people leaning against the wall next to the men's door making out. It took a few seconds for me to realize that it was Tina and Pat. My hand flew to my mouth and my eyes immediatly teared up. I turned around and almost ran back to where we had been to get my jacket. Adam saw me and tried to stop me.

"Mel, what's wrong. Why are you crying

" Let me go Adam. I need to get out of here. Please.

" Where are you going?" he asked with worry in his eyes

" I don't know. Anywhere but here."

" You can't be running around Chicago in the middle of the night. Let me grab my stuff and we can get out of here."

I nodded my head and told him to hurry. He went and told Karri that he was taking me for a drive and to meet him back at the house in a little while. He gave her a quick kiss and we went to leave. I saw Patrick coming through the crowd looking at me and I tugged on the sleeve of Adam's jacket to get him to hurry up. He looked up and saw what I was looking at and got the hint and pushed his way through the crowd before Patrick could get to us. By the time we got outside I was full on sobbing and Adam put his arm around my waist to support me. He helped me into his rover and started to drive. He was silent until I more or less got myself under control

" What did he do?" he asked in a quiet voice

I told him about what I had seen and how it looked to me.

" He was kissing her Bur. He was fucking kissing her."

He pulled into a empty parking lot and put the car into park. He reached over the seat and pulled me against him which made me start crying all over again. He tried to sooth me by rubbing my back and my crying finally came to a halt. He pulled some napkins out of his glove compartment and handed them to me.

" I know that I am not the best person to be handing out relationship advice but maybe you should give him a chance to explain his side of the story."

I shook my head as I wiped my nose

" You were always the stubborn one"

" I know what I saw Adam. I might be stubborn but I'm not stupid."

" I never said you were. All I know is that boy is head over heels in love with you. He hasn't so much as looked at another girl since he's been with you."

" He has a funny way of showing it." I muttered starting to get angry

He shook his head at me and asked where I wanted to go. I asked him if I could stay with him while I decided what to do. He agreed and drove to his house. His phone rang and I hoped that it wasn't Patrick.

" Hey baby. Yeah we're heading to the house right now. Tazer said he would bring you home. Yeah she's alright. Yeah just a second.

He held out the phone to me and I reluctantly took it

" Hey Karri"

" Hi. Are you alright?"

" Yeah I guess."

" Patrick is really upset. He saw you run off crying and really would like to explain what happened."

" He was kissing his ex. What more do I need to know?"

" I think there was more to it than that."

I heard some noise and her protesting and a voice came over the phone

" I really need to talk to you."

" There is nothing to talk about. Just be with that stupid bimbo if that's what you want."

" It..." There was more scuffling and Karri came back over the phone

" Look you guys need to talk this out. If you want I can have him come over to our house to make it easier."

" Fine. Whatever." I snapped getting pissed off that no one was listening to me.

" We will meet you at the house."

I handed the phone back to Adam and put my head against the window. Thoughts filled my head of the past several months. Eveything had been going so great that I should have know that it wouldn't stay that way. It made my chest ache to think that I wasn't going to be with him any more, but I couldn't let him do this to me. We pulled in front of the house and I was releaved to see the driveway empty as we pulled up. I knew that it would be a good thing to get myself in order before he showed up. I'd be damned if I was going to let him see me cry.