Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mess with my mind chapter 7

I ran my fingers through my hair and knew that it didn't matter how I felt that the reality was that Kaner had a girlfriend and I wasn't about to become the other women. Soon everyone else that had stayed over started to filter out of the living room and other guest rooms and I got Sharpie to take me back to his place. I quickly changed and showered and gave Sharpie the excuse of incoming bad weather as an excuse to head home early. The card ride consisted of me thinking obssesivly about the situation that I had found myself in. I really didn't want to hurt Sharpies feelings but I saw no way to go about letting him know what was going on without doing exactly that. Maybe boring was better. Lord knows thats it's a lot less complicated. When I got home I made myself a quick sandwhich and fell into bed. I slept like crap I was tossing and turnung so bad and when I got up for work I was crabbier than hell. The day was crawling along at an unbelieveably slow pace and I cursed at the clock for not moving faster. When I got home I was in no mood to cook so I ordered a pizza and threw on my favorite pair of sweats and an old badgers t-shirt and vegged out on the couch. The hawks were playing the Ducks so I decided to
watch the game. I winced as the boys took a pounding by the much larger players on the ducks and I alsmost choked on my pizza as Kaner was pounded into the boards by Chris Pronger.

" Shit, come on get up." I whispered to myself frantically.
He did get up but it was slowly and you could tell he was in pain as he skated to the bench. The cameras were on the hawks bench as the announcers talked about Prongers hit on Kaner and after talking to what I assume was a trainer he went to the locker room. I was freaking out and I grabbed my phone and left him a quick voicemail.

" Hey I was watching the game and saw you go to the locker room. Please call me whenever you get this and let me know your okay. Doesn't matter what time it is. Bye"

I hung up my phone and watched the rest of the game. Kaner didn't come back so I knew that what ever was wrong couldn't be good. At the very least it looked like he would have some seriously bruised if not outright broken ribs. The game ended and the ducks ended up winning by a score of 4-1. The guys had let their frustration get the better of them and it didn't help to see one of their teammates knocked out of the game. I was nodding off on the couch when my phone finally rang.

" Hey Mel. Sorry to wake you. "

" No it's okay. What did the trainers tell you?" I asked instantly awake

" They did some xrays and they see a couple hairline fractures but they think it's mostly deep bruising."

" Did they wrap you and give you something for the pain?" I asked instantly going into nurse mode

" Yeah, and just so you know I think it's cute that you are worried about me."

" I would be worried if any of the guys got hurt." I protested, trying to play it off like it had nothing to do with him specifically

" Really? Then why didn't you call Sharpie. He did get a pretty nasty gash from Perry's high stick in the middle of the third period. It took ten stitches to close."

Shit how did I not see that? I guess I was to worried about someone else to pay much attention to anything else but I wasn't about to admit that to Kaner.

" That was just a facial lac and even though they bleed alot they aren't usually that bad. What happened to you was way more serious. If you break a rib in the right area you could puncture a lung, collapse the same lung and potentially die."

" Wow that is an really interesting way to see that situation"
" Sorry it's hard to turn off the nurse in my brain. I've seen some pretty horrible things and it's hard to see any of my guys get hurt."
" when are you coming down again?" he asked, changing the subject
" Don't know. I haven't really thought about it."
" Oh. Well since you know that I'm not going to die I should get going. I'm almost home."
" Yeah wouldn't want Tina to worry." I said trying to keep the bitterness out of my voice
" Look I know...."
" Don't Kaner. It's not my buisness and I'm sorry for being a bitch. I work tomorrow and I really should get back to sleep. Take care of yourself okay.'
I didn't give him a chance to respond before I hung up. I tried to fall back to sleep but it was pretty useless. I tossed and turned as I thought about the situation that I had found myself in.

The next day I went into work and I felt like a zombie. I could barely keep my eyes open and by lunchtime it was decided that I must be coming down with something so I was sent home and I wasn't about to argue. I went home and immediately fell into bed and fell into a deep sleep. I was woke up by a phone call a few hours later. I smiled when I saw that it was Sharpie.

" Hi. What's up?"

" Not much. I have something to tell you and I really hope you aren't upset with me."

I sat up in bed, now fully awake.

" What's wrong?" I asked not able to keep the worry out of my voice

" I got a call yesterday from my ex-girlfriend anna, and after we talked I realized that we still had a connection and that I wanted to try to make things work with us."

" Sharpie that's great. I meant it when I said I wasn't looking for anything serious and you deserve to be with someone who loves you."

" So we can still be friends right? I don't want things to weird between us."

" Absoluetly. I care about you as and would hate it if things were weird."

" Great. I was hoping that is what you would say." he said with obvious relief in his voice

" And just so you know I told Anna that I had a thing with a girl, but I didn't tell her it was you. I figured you guys are going to meet eventually and I thought it would be weird for the both of you."

" Yeah that was probably a good idea and trust me, I don't have any plans on spilling the beans."

' Cool. I should get going. Kaner is probably going to be calling you soon with some news of his own, just to give you a heads up. See ya later."

He hung up the phone before I had a chance to ask him what he meant by that.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kissing fool Chapter 6

I ran out of work and jumped into my car. I had already packed my bag the night before so I could just leave right from work. I made my way to the city and I was impressed by how pretty the city looked decorated for christmas. I called Sharpie when I was ten minutes away to make sure that I didn't get lost and I finally pulled up in front of his house. I smiled and decided to leave my small suitcase in the car for the time being. I walked up and knocked on the door and grinned even wider as Sharpie opened the door wearing a tight pair of jeans and nothing else. He pulled me inside and didn't say anything as his lips came down to mine. All of my breath left me as he assualted my lips and moved down to the spot on my neck that made me moan. He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. He stripped me out of my clothes and went to push me on the bed. The look on his face was priceless as I reversed our positions and I was the one shoving him on the bed. I crawled over his legs and and straddled his hips. He let out a groan as I rotated my hips in small circles on the front of his jeans. I leaned down and kissed him, not stopping until I needed air. I kissed my way down his chest and stomach and I could tell he had enough of my teasing and I unzipped his jeans and took him in my mouth. His hand found there way to my hair and he thrust his hips up in time to the motions of my mouth. It only took a few minutes and he was pulling me off of him.

" Babe you need to stop or I'm gonna cum."

I knew that I wanted to feel him inside of me and I crawled back up to his waist. I straddled him once again and I held him as I lowered myself down on him. I set a quick pace and he helped by gripping my hips and thrusting up into me. I leaned back and put my hands on his thighs for a different angle. I could immediatly feel him hitting my g spot and after a few thrust I went over the edge. I almost screamed as I orgasimed and he came a few seconds later with a loud moan of his own. I laid my head on his sweaty chest and tried to catch my breath while he stroked my hair. Finally after a little while I was able to crawl off and slide next to him.

" Sorry for not saying Hi." he murmered into my hair

" Are you kidding me. You have my full permission to greet me like that anytime."

" Good to know."

I was so tired from work and the drive that I couldn't help but to drift off to sleep.

I woke the next morning and found Sharpie downstairs cooking in nothing but a pair of boxers. I sat on a chair that was by the island in his kitchen and enjoyed the view. I knew that he knew I was there, there was no way that he didn't hear me but he ignored me and kept shaking that fine ass of his as he stired something in a frying pan.

" Good Morning. I thought you'd be hungry so I am making some hashbrowns and eggs."

" Looks good."

" You know if the whole hockey thing doesn't work out for you you could always become a personal chef. As long as you cooked like that all the time it really wouldn't matter what the food tasted like."

" I'll keep that in mind."

The guys had a game so I kept Sharpie company as he went about his routine of eating and sleeping. I laid down with him while he napped, but I couldn't sleep. Not wanting to bother Sharpie I snuck out of bed and went back downstairs. I noticed that I had a new text message on my phone that I must have missed. I was surprised to see it was from Kaner.

" Hey just seeing what you were up to. Couldn't nap"

The message was from a little while ago but I decided to text him back to see if he was still awake.

" Not much. Hanging out with Sharpie. U?"

" Not much. Somethings been bothering me."

" Really? What?"

" Tina"

I contemplated what I should reply with. I didn't want to get involved with anything to do with her becasue anything bad that might happen would be blamed on me, even if it wasn't deserved.

But that being said I really did want to help him and make him feel better if I could

" Can I call you?"

" Sure"

I dialed his number and waited for him to pick up. When he did I could hear the tension in his voice.

" Kaner, what's wrong?"

" Tina and I have been fighting alot and it's really starting to wear on me?"

" What's do you guys fight about?"

" I don't know, stupid things. She is always making me feel bad about leaving for away games and for the charity work I do and in order to make it better I have to spend money on her. I'm really just sick of it."

I could hear the frustration and anger in his voice the more he explained his situation.

" The worst part is that I am positive she is cheating on me."

My heart broke for him and I couldn't believe that she would even entertain doing something like that to him.

" Kaner you don't need me to tell you what to do. You are a great guy that deserves so much better than that skanky puckbunny could ever give you. She gives nothing back in your relationship and it's high time that you found someone who did."

" Mel it's not that easy. Most of the girls that throw themselves at me are exactly the same and I don't want one random one night stand after another."

" You'll find her Kaner, I promise. It just might take some time and patience."

I heard him mumble something that I could have swore sounded like I already found her but before I could ask him to repeat himself I heard a voice in the backround and he quickly excused himself and hung up. I shook my head at my phone and went back to watching t.v.

A little while later Sharpie got up and got ready for the game againt the Columbus BlueJackets.

I fixed his tie and smoothed it down before we walked out the door and headed to the arena. We got there and I quickly went to the locker room to see my boys. I was extremely embarressed as I entered the room to catcalls and the guys hollering my new " Nickname" and someone yelling about Sharpie needing a rabies shot. After a few minutes they all finally settled down and I made my way over to Kaner, who was sitting in his stall.

" Hey Kaner. Are you feeling any better since we talked last?"

" Not really, but you are right, I really do need to end things with her. Love should't make you this miserable."

" I think that it shouldn't be easy but at the same time both people should put effort in to it and that is clearly not the case."

He sighed and didn't say anything.

" I'll still be your friend no matter what you decide to do okay."

He looked so upset that I couldn't resist the urge to pull him into a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my shoulder. He smelt nice, a combination of cologne and something else that I couldn't exactly describe. I suddenly realized that we had been hugging for way to long and I suddenly pulled away. He was still wearing that sad look on his face but this time I couldn't help but think that I had something to do with this one. I gave him a weak smile and got up to go see my Adam.

The game seemed to fly by and the managed to pull out an overtime win. Kaner had played like shit and I could only guess that it was due to the situation that he found himself in. I waited in the lounge and I saw Tina waiting for Kaner and I just wanted to go over and shake the shit out of her to try to make her understand what she had. Instead I choose the next best option and ignored her. My guys finally came out and I was glad we were able to leave before I had to see Kaner interact with the evil that was making him so unhappy. Adam went to get Karri and they met us back at Sharpie's place to eat pizza and watch movies. I had to admit that she seemed like a really great girl, not at all like the puckbunnies he had messed around with before. We bonded over ganging up on the guys and pointing out their flaws so their egos wouldn't get to big.

She was twenty-five and was currently going to nursing school which also got her huge points in my book. We ended up telling the both of them to go home because they were all but having sex on the end of the couch. I was happy that my best friend had finally found someone that seemed like his match. They both said goodbye and practically ran out the door.

" Someone's getting laid tonight." I commented giggling

" Hopefully he won't be the only one." he whispered suggestivly in my ear.

He kissed me and grabbed my hand and led me to the room that I was getting to know very well.

Afterwards as we laid there I couldn't help but to think of Kaner. Sharpie must have sensed something was up because he commented that it seemed like I was off in my own little world. I explained the situation and how much it pissed me off to see someone like Tina hurting someone that I considered a friend.

" Babe, he has to do this on his own time. Tina is his first serious girlfriend and no matter how horrible the relationship is, that's hard to let go off.

" I know, trust me."

He looked at me with curiosity in his eyes and I felt that I could trust him enough to tell him my story.

" There was this guy in college, Derrick. We met at freshman orientation. He was sweet, funny and basically the first guy that treated me like a women and not one of the boys. We started to hang out and that quickly turned into a romantic relationship. Everything was great at first until one night almost six months after we had started dating. We were at a party that his frat was holding. We were up in his room messing around and I didn't want to go any further then we already were and he decided that me saying no meant yes. He forced himself on me and didn't think anything about it. After that things just got worse. He would tell me that I was stupid and fat and other things like that to bring me down. After a year and a half it finally got to the point of physical abuse. I tried to break up with him and when I went to get my stuff me punched me in the face and told me that I wasn't going to leave unless it was on a stretcer. I ran and I went to the only place I could think of, which was Adam's dorm room. He took one look at my face and called the cops. He sat with me the whole night while I gave my statement and gave me a shoulder to cry on even though he had a game the next night. He pretty much saved me at one of the lowest points in my entire life. Without him I am pretty sure that I would have ended up slitting my wrist or something equally bad."

" I'm sorry."

I hadn't thought about that part of my life in any amount of detail in a long time and I was surprised to find tears leaking out of my eyes.

" It's okay. As horrible as it was, it made me a stronger person in the end."

He pulled me tight against him and rubbed my back and I did find it comforting.

" He was an idiot not to see how lucky he was to have you."

" Thanks Sharpie."

The next morning we fell into what was becoming our routine with him making breakfast for me and hanging out. It was finally time for the party and we got ready and left. I was relieved to see a bunch of cars already out front and I wasn't as nervous as we walked in. We both greeted everyone and was informed that Kaner and Tina were in the kitchen and that we should help ourselves to drinks and snacks. Sharpie put a hand on my lower back and gently pushed me in the direction of the kitchen. As we went through the doorway I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw. Kaner had Tina up on the counter and was between her legs and they were making out like a couple of horny teenagers. I could feel my blood preassure rise as I took in the scene. What a asshole. How dare he call and conplain to me when he obviously didn't feel the way he said he did. He probably had a good laugh at my expense after I poured my heart out to him. I knew then that I was going to need a copious amount of alcohol if I was going to make it through the night without choking someone. The bottles of alcohol were sitting out on the counter right next to them and I grabbed a cup and walked up to where they were. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to find Sharpie looking at me.

" What do you want to drink baby?" I asked pasting a fake smile on my face

He rasied his eyebrows at me when I called him baby but he told me that he would take whatever I was drinking. At this point Kaner and Tina had stopped sucking face long enough to acknowlede that we were in the room. I couldn't even look him in the eyes I was so angry at him. I mumbled something about needing to see if Adam had shown up and I walked back out to the living room and sat on the couch, where Sharpie and Dave Bolland joined me. Adam and Karri arrived a little while later and the booze really started to flow. We ordered several large pizzas and soon everyone that had brought a girlfriend or a date started to pair off. I watched as Tina climbed into Kaners lap and started to kiss him. I could feel my temper rising again and more surprisingly I felt a tinge of jealousy course through me. Fuck this. I could play this messed up little game too. I all but jumped on Sharpie, who didn't seem resistant in the least. I pulled him down and kissed him as hard as I could. My hands made their way up his shirt so I could rub my fingers along the muscles in his chest. He pressed me back into the arm of the couch and I turned my head to let him get at my neck. My eyes met Kaners and I swore I saw the same jealousy in his eyes that I had experienced. I smirked at him and continued to enjoy Sharpie's mouth on my skin as we stared at each other. I let out a small moan as he sucked at my neck and I was happy to see Kaner push Tina off of him and announce to everyone that he was going to bed and that everyone who wanted to stay was welcome to. Tina rushed off after him and it made me a little sick to think of them having sex, even if it was his house. I distracted Sharpie by telling him that I had to go to the bathroom. As soon as the door closed behind me I started to cry. I turned on the water in the sink so that no one would hear me and I sat on the edge of the tub for a few minutes until I was done. I stood up and went to splash some water on my face and realized that I was much drunker than I thought I had been. I dried off my face and opened the door just to walk straight into someone. I stumbled and almost fell over, except a hand caught my elbow before I could. I looked up and saw that I was standing pressed up against Kaner. He looked at me with an unreadable look in his eyes and I found myself doing the stupidest thing that I could possibly do. I reached up and put my arm around his neck and kissed him. It was the most intense kiss I had ever experienced and my body reacted accordingly. He pulled me even closer and my hands tightened in his curls. My brain finally clicked on and I pushed him away.

" I'm sorry that I did that. I had no right. You should get back to Tina." I whispered quietly.

" Yeah your probably right." he sighed and ran his fingers through his curls.

I promised myself that I wouldn't cry in front of him and I managed not to as I watched him walk to the end of the hall and disappear behind the door. I made my way back to the living room and Sharpie was there waiting for me. He didn't seem to notice anything was wrong and he pulled me against him and tried to continue what I had started.

" I'm sorry but I'm really not feeling well."

" That's alright. If you want we can crash in one of Kaner's extra rooms. I don't think he'll care."

The last thing that I wanted to do was have to wake up and face anyone in this house, but we both had to much to drink and there was no way we were going anywhere.

" yeah I guess that would be fine." I sighed.

He led me to a room that was across from what I assumed was Patricks bedroom and we both quickly passed out.

The next morning I woke early and instantly tried to flee as I remembered everything that had happened. I tried to wake Sharpie up but it wasn't even begining t0 happen. I grunted in frustration and decided that I was going to stay in here until he woke up because I was not going out there alone. I waited for what seemed like forever and all of a sudden I felt the overwhelming urge to pee. I knew that there was no way I was going to hold it for more than a few minutes so I threw on my pants and the nearest shirt and and dashed out. I almost ran into the person that I wanted to see the least as he happened to step out of his bedroom at the same time.

Mel, we gotta..."

" Not now Patrick, Where's the bathroom?"

He had a amused grin on his face as I did what I would like to think of as a very adult version of the pee dance. He told me where it was and I made a mad dash and let out a noise of relief as I was able to finally go. When I finished I didn't know what to do. I really wanted to go lie back down but at the same time I would probably run into Kaner and I really didn't want to have a conversation about what had occured. After contemplating for a few minutes and not coming up with any other acceptable soultion I decided to suck it up and deal with whatever it was that was going to happen. I walked into the kitchen and Kaner was sitting there in a pair of sweats with a cup of orange juice and a muffin. We looked at each other and offered me a glass of milk. We sat in akward silence for a few minutes before we both spoke at the same time

" Mel....."

" Kaner.... "

" Go ahead Patrick'

" Are you in love with Sharpie?"

I was surprised by the question and I knew what my immediate anwser was but I took a minute to sort through my feeling. Sure he was cute and funny and lord knows the sex is amazing but as much as I cared about him I knew that I didn't love him. If anythingI was using him to make my dull life something more and even though we agreed to nothing serious it still wasn't fair to him.

I shook my head no and he seemed releaved but didn't say anything else.

He went and put his cup in the sink and when he turned around I barely heard what he said since he was being so quiet.

" Just so you know, even though the situation is messed up I don't regret that kiss last night, not for a second."

my heart caught in my throat and it was my turn to not do more than nod. He turned around and went to the living room, leaving me to my thoughts.

Work and the Hawks chapter 5

The next day I groaned as my phone went off. Since I had to work on call this weekend I had the day off and I hadn't planned on getting up early. I grabbed my phone off my nightstand and flipped it open to find a text from Kaner.
" Adam said you're coming to my party in a couple weeks. Are you?"
" K, it's 8 in the morning and yes unless something happens I'll be there"
" Sorry. Bur said you were usually up early and I'm glad you are coming."
" Usually but didn't have to work. And I am excited too. I had fun hanging out before."
" Even with all the drama?"
" Yeah that part wasn't fun but it was as much my fault as anybodys"
" It won't happen again I promise."
" I trust you. I wouldn't be willing to come otherwise."
" Good. Gotta go early practice. Ttyl?
" Yep"
I clicked my phone shut and I threw it back on the nightstand. I was still exhausted so I threw my arm over my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. No matter what I tried I kept picturing a blond curly haired man with a cocky grin. I ended up getting frusterated and I finally decided to drag myself out of bed and into the shower. I was washing my hair when my mind started to wander again and I started to think about what was under all that hockey gear and clothing. I mean he wasn't that big for a guy much less a hockey player but he was a professional athlete so I imagined that he was more muscular than he looked. As my mind started to drift off into an even more dirty direction I shook my head and quickly got out and ready. I knew that I was going to have to find something pretty major to distract myself with. After thinking about it for a little while I decided to go to the public library to grab some books. I had always loved to read but since I was so busy with work I didn't really the time anymore. Even though it was cold, it was a nice day so I bundled up and made my was to the huge public library. Once there I found several books that I had been meaning to read and I curled up in one of the huge overstuffed and started to read. I was so into the book that I was reading that I didn't even realize how much time had passed until my stomach started growling. I had missed lunch and it was almost four o'clock and I was starving so I grabbed my books and went to a little that was nearby.
I bought a sandwhich and a drink and sat down at a table. I went to check my phone and realized that in my hurry to get out of my house that I must have left it on the nightstand. I made my way home and the first thing that I did when I got in was check my phone. I saw that I had two missed phone calls, both from Sharpe. I sat on the edge of my bed and dialed his number.
" Hey sexy. I was begining to think you were avoiding me"
" Hey. I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I had left my phone at home."
" No problem babe. I heard you might be coming down in a couple of weeks and I was calling to see if you wanted to get together sometime over the weekend."
' Yeah definitly. I am probably going to come down friday night and stay the weekend again."
" If you want you can stay here with me. Adam's been pretty busy with his new women so I don't think he will mind."
" He is still seeing that girl. He didn't say anything to me." I knew I sounded hurt but he was suppose to be my best friend.
" Don't be mad. He was planning on you meeting her at the game. I think he is just freaked out by the fact that this one may be more than just a piece of ass. Believe me. Nobody's opinion matters more than yours.
" You better be right. If I don't meet this girl when I come up I am raising holy hell."
" Alright cujo, settle down."
" Ugg, not you too. And for the record it's not like you were conplaining when it was happening."
" Like I could forget" I could hear the grin in his voice and I knew I was going to have to get off the phone fast as hot as I was getting.
" I have some cleaning I have to do so I'm going to let you go."
" Alright sexy I'll be thinking about you."
I felt a shiver go up my spine and a low tug in my stomach.
" Fuck. what have I gotten myself into." I thought to myself. I could already tell that as much as I didn't want drama that I would probably be getting it anyways.

My boring life Chapter 4

We sat in silence for almost the whole movie before he finally asked me about what had happened. I explained what she said and how I reacted to it, feeling even more stupid than I had earlier.

' You really told her you were going to bust her face in"

' Yeah unfortunatly"

" Just another reason for the guys to call you cujo?" he told me with a grin.

" Why cujo"

' All the guys saw what you did to Sharpie and then you get in Tina's face and practically rip her up so the guys have decided to call you cujo."

" Great. I'm never going to live this down am I.

" Probably not"

We hung out for a little while longer before I had to pack up and leave. Adam helped me put my stuff in my car and gave me a kiss on the cheek before I headed out. The drive home took me longer then normal because of the road conditions so I had a lot of time to think. Even with all of the drama that had happened over the weekend, I had to admit to myself that it was the most fun I had had in a long time. I made a promise to myself that I would try to get down to Chicago again as soon as I could.

The next morning I had to get up early so I could be to work by seven. I pulled into my usual spot and went inside. I went about my normal routine of putting my stuff in my locker and preparing myself my cup of coffee. I saw my favorite person walk into the lounge and I knew that I was going to be peppered with questions. Olivia was an ob nurse that was married with three kids and I she had quickly became my best friend/mother figure not long after I had started at the U.W.

" So girl how was your wild weekend.? I need details."

I told her about everything that had happened with both Patricks and all of the drama.

" So you had sex with one hot hockey player and had another almost kiss you? That's better then a soap opera!"

" Yeah it sounds exciting but I would rather not deal with it."

" come on girl. Your telling me that you aren't flattered that two professional athletes are into you. Do you think that maybe they will fight over you?"

I had to laugh at the excitment in her voice

" There isn't going to be any fighting. Sharpie and I aren't dating and there are a list of reasons why I am not interested in Patrick Kane.

" And what are those?"

" Let's see. He is way to young. He just turned twenty-one and he doesn't look a day over seventeen. He's totally not my type at all. The whole blond curly haired thing doesn't do anything for me and most importantly he has a skinny psycho girlfriend."

" It sounds like you have really thought about it." She said with a slight smile on her face and a look in her eyes that I didn't really like.

" It's almost seven-thirty. I need to go punch in. I'll talk to you later?"

" Sure. I'll see if we can get lunch together."

" Alright"

I went and punched in and went to get ready for the first surgery of the day. I worked with an orthopedic Surgeon named Dr. Caston and I went to find him so we could get gowned and scrubbed. We were doing a full knee replacement on an elderly gentleman. I had to be fully into what I was doing and I was glad that my mind couldn't wander. We finished up and since it was a long surgery I decided to take my lunch earlier than normal so I could eat before the next one. I paged Olivia and since there were no women in the birthing sweets she agreed to meet me in the cafeteria. We met and got our food and sat and talked about how are days were going so far. I was happy when she didn't bring up the subject of the guys again. I was surprised when I saw my phone vibrate on the table.

" Is it one of your lover boys?"

I tried to glare at her as I shook my head no.

" Hey Bur. What's up?"

" I was wondering what you were doing in a couple of weeks on saturday?"

" I don't know yet but probably nothing."

" Great you should come to Chicago for the weekend again. Kaner is having a party after the game on saturday and the guys really want to hang with you again."

" I don't know Bur. I don't think that is a good idea."

" Come on. I know you had a good time despite what happened and Kaner said he wanted you to come and that Tina would behave."

" Really? He wants me to come? Why?"

" I don't know. I didn't think to ask. All I know is that I'll take any excuse that I can to get you down here again. Plus I know that Sharpie is looking forward to seeing you again."

I couldn't deny that my body went tingly thinking about another roll in the hay with the gorgeous Patrick Sharp.

" Okay fine. I'll be there." I pretended to huff, not wanting Adam to know how excited I was.

" Whatever Mel, I know you are excited."

" Okay I am. I'll call you later and we can make more concrete plans alright."

" Alright talk to you later."

I hung up my phone and looked at Olivia who was looking at me with her eyebrows raised.

" You can stop looking at me like that. It isn't nearly as exciting as you are making it out to be."

"Sure it isn't. That's why you have a huge grin on your face."

" Okay fine. I'll admit it, it is pretty exciting. These guys live this amazing life and I'm lucky enough that they are letting my boring ass in.

" Sweetie the only reason you think your life is boring is because you don't take any risk. Ever since that stupid Dr took advantage of you you've been afraid to let anyone else in."

I knew that she was right but I hated to admit it, especially when it came to my previous relationship. I was lucky enough to land my job at the Uw right out of college since I had made some contacts there during my clinicals. I had met Dr. Shane Malone, a cardiologist three days after I started. He was everything you would expect, handsome, smart, confidant, and as I later found out a huge player. I didn't question it when he told me we had to keep our relationship low key. I just figured that there was some kind of rule against it. It wasn't till almost two months later that I got approached by one of the senior nurses and was informed that he was sleeping with at least two other nurses and that as soon as the new ones came in that I would be replaced. Needless to say the relationship didn't last two more hours before I broke it off. Between that and a relationship in college that also went horribly wrong, I was not to fond of the idea of dating. I knew it wasn't healthy but I had developed a saftey mechanism where I saw guys only as friends or sex objects.

" Your right Olivia. It is my own fault. It's easier to deal with men knowing that I can't get hurt."

" I know sweetie but believe me the right guy is worth it. Look at Henry. We've been married almost fifteen years and even though he drives me crazy I still love him as much as I did the first time we met."

" You fell for him right away?" I asked not even trying to keep the surprise out of my voice.

" Yep. I was at this little diner that use to be the hangout for all of the high school kids and someone bumped into me and made me spill my soda all over my blouse. I was so angry that I turned around to yell and I saw the most gorgeous man smiling at me. My first thought was that this was the man who I had to marry, if for no other reason that I needed to see that smile every morning when I woke up. We ended up talking the rest of the night and the rest is history."

I had to smile at the dreamy far away look she had on her face as she remembered how her and her husband had met.

" And you tell me my life is going like a soap opera." I teased to bring her out of daydream

" Yeah well I'm old and I have an excuse to lead a boring life, you on the other hand have no excuse. So do me a favor and have fun. I still want all the details"

" Sure Olivia I think that I can manage that for you"

" Great. And just promise me that you'll keep yourself open to anything that may happen?"

I nodded my head and she smiled and patted my hand before getting up to go back to work. I sat there for a few minutes and thought about what she said. I didn't believe in love at first sight, hell I didn't know if I believed in love at all. But anything could happen so I won't be resistant if it does.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sex is not the enemy chapter 3

I woke up the next morning with a headache. The spot next to me was empty and I couldn't help but wonder where Sharpie was. I flipped onto my back and stretched, feeling the soreness in my muscles from the night before. I heard what sounded like my phone ringing and I scrambled out of the covers to try to find it. I flipped it open without looking and groaned at the voice that I heard.

"Hey Mel. Just wondering what you were up to this morning?" he asked in a way to cheerful voice

" I have no idea. I'm not even sure where Sharpie is and I have no idea how akward it's going to be.'

" I wouldn't worry about that." he chuckled

" Um why would you say that?" I asked, my curiousity instantly piqued

" I'll just say that he called me earlier and he had nothing but good things to say about you"

I covered my face and groaned again. I could just imagine what he had told him

" Don't worry. He didn't go into gory detail. He just told me that you both had a really good time last night and that I shouldn't worry about you"

" Yeah I'm sure that was all he told you"

" He did say that he was going to get crap from the guys when they saw him shirtless. Care to elaborate on that?"

I blushed as I thought about the nail and teeth marks that I had to have left in his skin. The guys were going to think I was some puckbunny with some seriously kinky habits.

" I'm sure you'll figure it out" I said with a sigh.

" Okay. So I hope you don't mind but since Sharpie left his car at the bar last night and and you were planning to come with me to practice anyways so I figured I could come pick you guys up at one?"

" Whatever works for you guys."

" Alright I'll see you in a little while."

I hung up my phone and I noticed a small pile of clothes that were on a chair that was in the corner of the room with a piece of paper on top. I got up to look and found a note from Sharp.

Hey I had no food in the house so I went out to get us something to eat. I put out a tshirt and a pair of sweats if you want to shower and change while you wait. See ya in a few. Patrick.

I had to laugh as I held up the shirt and saw that it was a blackhawks shirt with his name and number on it. I grabbed everything and found his bathroom where I quickly showered and threw on the clothes that I had found. When I got out I was a little chilled from my wet hair so I dug through his closet and found a sweatshirt that matched the tshirt. I threw it on and headed downstairs.

I obviously hadn't really paid attention to the layout of the house so I used my noise to lead me to the kitchen. I walked in and found Sharpie setting several large containers onto the counter.

I admired the fantastic ass that was incased in his jeans for a minute before I cleared my throat to get his attention. He turned around, and for what seemed like the millionth time I felt my knees buckle as he smiled at me.

" Hey beautiful"

I was surprised when he took the several steps between us and tilted my chin up to give me a soft yet hot kiss.

" Morning Sharpie"

" I didn't know what you would want to eat so I got a little bit of everything. Hope that's okay

" Perfect"

He was a gentleman, asking me what I wanted and putting it all on a plate for me. We ate and made small talk for a little while. I really wanted to ask him something but I didn't want to ruin the day or make things akward. I must have been looking at him pretty intently caused he asked me there was something on his face. I grabbed him by the chin and told him face was fine and procceded to tease him by placing light kisses from his jaw to the crook of his neck. He moaned softly before pushing me away

" We need to talk" He said looking at me with a serious look

I sat back in the chair and waited for what he had to tell me.

' You are a beautiful girl and last night was amazing but I just got out of a long term relationship a month ago and I'm not looking to jump into another one right now."

He looked at me with worry in his eyes, like he was waiting for me to freak out. You should have seen the look of shock on his face at my reaction

" I'm not either"

" Really. You just seem like the relationship type."

" Not really. I've only seriously dated two guys and they both ended really badly and besides I'm so busy with work that I wouldn't have time if I wanted to."

I slid off of my chair and went to where he was sitting and I crawled into his lap.

" How does this sound. Last night was fantastic and since we both agree that a relationship isn't something we want I think that we should just have fun.

" Meaning what?"

" That we can be each others booty calls when we need it."

His eyes went wide with shock and I couldn't help but grin. Most men were extremly surprised that I was so forward when it came to sex. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed behind his ear. I could feel him getting hard under me and I knew what my answer was going to be before he said anything. He picked me up and ravished me for the second time in less than twenty four hours. A little while later we laid in bed eating the breakfast that we had forgotten about before. I got some of the hashbrowns on my fork and put them into his waiting mouth.

" We should really get up and shower before Adam shows up." I commented even though I didn't move an inch.

" Yeah probably. Wouldn't want him seeing that gorgeous body of yours naked. He might try to steal you away."

" I don't think that is going to happen."

I put down my container of food and looked at Sharpie's neck and shoulders. I knew that he had several long angry looking scratches that ran from the top of his shoulder blades all the way down his back and three perfect imprints of my teeth that were bruised on the top of his shoulders. I ran my fingers lightly over them and felt bad. I apologized for the thousandth time.

" Don't worry about it. You didn't hear me protesting did you? And besides it's not like I didn't return the favor. "

My hand immediatly went to my neck where several hickeys were freshly formed. It made my body tingle just thinking about the things he had done to put them there. We finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed and into the shower. I was pulling my sweatshirt back on when I heard the doorbell ring. I heard faint voices and then my name being yelled from down the staircase.

" I bounded down the stairs and threw myself at a waiting Burish. He gave me a quick hug and we got in his rover and left for the arena. When we got to the Arena I followed the guys into the locker room so I could say hi to a couple of the guys. My neck was itchy from the sweatshirt rubbing on it and Adam was looking at me when I pulled it down to get at my skin.

" Damn girl, thats pretty bad."

Bur was wearing a tshirt since it was just practice and I spied the edge of some bruising on his neck. I pulled down his t-shirt to get a better look. It wasn't that big or dark but it was most definitly a hickey.

" You should talk Bur. Did you even get the lucky Puckbunnies name."

Actually yeah and the amazing thing was that she actually had no idea who I was and she doesn't fit the type that I usually mess with at all. I actually had a conversation with her this morning."

I was amazed by the look on his face. It was an interesting combination of horror and lust. It dawned on me that he might actually like this one. I patted him reassuringly on his arm and we went to Sharpie.

" Hey Sharpie, Adam's in love" I yelled making sure that everyone heard me.

There was alot of hooting and hollaring from the guys, especially when Adam started to protest loudly. I knew that eventually I would pay for it but it was worth it to see him on the receiving end of the ribbing for once. The guys were going about their routines and it was almost like they forgot I was there. I figured that since Tina was around that it would be a good time to talk to Kaner about what happened.

" Hey Kaner" I said as I tried to nonchalantly walk over to his stall.

" Hey" he replied looking tired and sounding really listless

" Must've been a long night huh?"

I sat on the bench next to him and tried to get him to smile. He didn't reply so I decided to try my attempt at a lame joke.

" come on, it can't be that bad. Buy her an expensive gift and she will forget anything happened."

I looked at him expecting to at least see a hint of a smile but instead he had a look on his face like he had just sucked on a lemon. Shit that was not what I wanted.

" Um I guess I'll let you get ready." I mumbled tryimg to not look like I was running away, when in reality that was exactly what I was doing. I made my way to the stands and who did I see but the three bimbo's that were with some other girls who I would imagine were there " friends'

I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing how much the bothered me so I sat two rows down from where they were. Practice started and it was interesting to watch. You could tell that the guys were focused yet they were also having fun. My eyes were drawn to Kaner as he skated around and shot at the net. It must have been more noticable then I thought because I heard a familiar voice behind me.

" See that girl down there" Tina's voice rang in my ears " Last night at the club she was so desperate to get laid that she went after Kaner and when he rejected her she went after Sharpie. She had to beg him to take her home with him. It was really sad."

I really didn't want to give the bitch the satisfaction of acknowledging that I had heard her but my temper was getting the best of me and I reacted. I got out of my seat and went to where she was sitting. I leaned over a girl that was sitting on the end on put my face right in hers

" Listen up you little bitch. Your boyfriend was going to kiss me, not the other way around and if I wanted him there isn't shit you could do about it. I suggest you shut your mouth cause if I hear you talking anymore shit about me I'm going to bust your face. Do you understand me?"

She nodded her head and you could see the fear in her eyes. I straighted up and looked back to the ice. Apparently I had been a little louder then I realized cause all of the guys were standing at center ice staring at the both of us. Even though I had met what I said I was embarressed by the attention and I took off for the locker room. Behind me I could hear Tina sobbing and I had to admit that I didn't feel the least bit bad about it. I went to the locker room and found Adam's keys so I could sit in his suv. I got in and started it and text Adam to let him know where I went so he wouldn't worry. Fifteen minutes I got a text letting me know that he was going to leave early. My phone beeped again and I flipped it open to find a text from a number I didn't recognize.

" Why the fuck did you threaten to beat my girlfriend up? she's crying because of you"

It pissed me off for some reason that he would be angry with me without hearing my side of the story and I felt the need to explain myself.

" She was talking shit. Pissed me off. Basically called me a whore even thou you were gonna kiss me not the other way around."

" Really?"

" Yeah"

I didn't get a reply back for almost fifteen minutes and finally my phone rang. I anwsered it after a few rings.

" Hello?"

" Hey it's Patrick'

I felt emotionally and mentally exhausted from the whole ordeal and I cut right to the chase.

" Why did you call me? Because I haven't dealt with enough abuse already?"

" I talked to Tina and she admitted that she said those things about you. I'm sorry for being angry with you.'

With his apology I felt my anger fading.

" It's okay. I'm sorry that I threatened to bust her face. I shouldn't have let my temper get the best of me.

" I can't say I blame you. I told her that you are Adam's friend and that it would make everyone's life easier if she would lay off and be nice."

" Thanks Kaner." I sighed with relief. " I promise that as long as she tries that I can do the same."

" Good cause I would really like to be friends if you think that is possible."

" Yeah I would like that as long as it doesn't get either of us in trouble."

" Yeah, no more drunken dancing for either of us" he said with a chuckle

" Definitly"

All of a sudden the line went silent and akward and I wasn't sure if the conversation was done or not. I was surprised by what came out of his mouth next.

" So are you and Sharpie a couple now?"

I didn't really think it was his business but again I found myself feeling the need to explain myself to him.

" We decided that we are two single adults that have needs and that as long as we stay single that we might as well get what we need from each other instead of strangers. Not that it is any of your buisness."

" No your right, I'm sorry. I really should get going. I'll talk to you later?"

" Sure"

" Okay bye"

I heard the phone quickly click in my ear and the only logical conclusion is that Tina didn't know that he was talking to me. I let out another long sigh and put my head against the cool window to try to ease the tension headache that I could feel growing in the middle of my forehead. Adam came out a little while later and after dropping Sharpie at his car we headed back to his house. The ride was pretty silent and I could see the concern in Adams eyes. I was glad that he didn't push and when we got back the first thing that I did was plop on the couch. Adam knew me enough to know that something was wrong so he brought me some asprin, water and ordered my favorite chinese.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The scene chapter 2

I went and found my seat with the help of an usher. It was one of the best seats that I have ever had, right behind the hawks bench. I sat and got my camera out so I could take some pictures of the guys warming up. They finally came out and I waved at Adam as he skated by. He smiled and waved but quickly refocused on the game. I got several really good pictures of Bur, Sharpie and Tazer shooting pucks as Nikolai Khalibulin. I almost squeeled like a hormonal teenager as Joe Thornton skated by. I was a huge fan from his years as a bruin and he was one of my first hockey crushes. I kept on taking pictures and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone take the seat next to me.

" So a Burish fan huh?" I heard a male voice ask me.

I turned to find a older man looking at my jersey.

" Yeah. We went to college together actually"

" Thats neat. Is he really as funny as he seems?"

" Yep. What you see is what you get with him"

" My name is Bob, Bob Finnigan. It's nice to meet you"
"My name is mel and it is nice to meet you too"
We talked for a few minutes before we finally turned our attention to the ice as the first puck was dropped. It was a great game, you could tell that both teams really wanted to win but at the end of sixty minutes the hawks had come out with the win four to three. I waited for the united center to clear out a little before I headed down to the locker room. I figured that the guys would still be getting showered and changed so I found the family lounge to wait. The first thing I saw when I walked in was three girls that were sitting together on one on three couches. I could tell what they were from a mile away. I figured out a long time ago that there had to be somekind of puckbunny manuel that was handed out to these girls. All three could have been clones for the stereotypical girls that hung around looking to score a hockey player. All of them were bleach blond and so thin that it looked physically painful. I decided instantly that I wanted nothing to do with these girls so I sat on the couch in the corner that was the farthest away from them. I could feel their eyes on me and I tried to not let it bother me. To occupy myself I got out my camera and started to click through the pictures. As I was doing this I couldn't help to overhear the conversation that had started up when they had decided that I wasn't important.

" I hate that Pat has to be on the road all the time." The first one I had already designated as barbie A whinned

' Yeah but it makes it so much easier to get money and presents out of them with the guilt trip" Barbie B chimed in

" That's true, but still would it kill them to pay us more attention. Not that spending all of there money is rough" said the third with a laugh.

Ugg these girls made me want to puke. I would never understand what these guys see in these girls. They were just using them for their money and status and couldn't give a shit less about the person they were suppose to love. I was tempted to say something, but I managed to bite my tongue, which for me took a lot of willpower. Finally my saviour walked through the door followed closely by Sharpie.

" Hi Adam, Hi Sharpie" the girls greeted them, their voices sounding so fake that it would make the worst sounding actor win an oscar.

" Hey girls. Tina, Kaner should be out in a few. There were a lot of media tonight."

" Okay" she replied with a pout on her face.

We went out to the lot and I climbed in the car to wait while Bur signed a few autographs. I was most definitely ready to have those drink. We went back to his house so we could both change and then we left for a club called level. On the car ride over I couldn't help but ask about the girls from earlier.
" So Bur, what was up with the girls that were waiting in the lounge tonight?"

" You mean Tina, Lauri and Alexa?"
" I guess."

" They are Kaner's, Dunc's, and Buf's girlfriends respectivly and yes they are the money grubbing puck sluts that they seem."

I couldn't help but laugh as he read my mind.

" No shit. How can these guys not tell?" I asked, genuinly not getting it
" Oh believe me they can but from what I hear they are all fantastic lays"

I rolled my eyes at this statment.
" And lord knows that's what is important." I said sarcastically

I was already sick of talking about these stupid girls so I changed the subject back to the game. We got to his house and quickly changed and headed out. We got to the club and headed right past the line. Adam led me to the vip area where we found several of the guys already waiting with their fan clubs. I sat down in the empty space besides sharpie.

" Hey Sexy. You look fantastic."

My brain went to mush as he smiled at me and all I could concentrate on was how close this gorgeous man was to me. We started to drink and a little while later I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to find Adam standing next to Kane who was in the vice like grip of his girlfriend.

" Mel you two didn't get properly introduced earlier. This is kaner and that is his girlfriend Tina"
We greeted each other and I didn't think it was possible but tina's grip got even tighter. That poor boy was going to end up with some serious bruises if she didn't ease up. She gave me a fake smile and I wanted to call her on it but the look in Adam's eyes was telling me to play nice so I decided to do just that. We went to the bar and started to drink shots with everyone. After a few I felt like dancing so I grabbed Tazer and lead him to the dance floor. Sharpie was next and I had a lot of fun dancing and flirting. After a few more songs I decided that I didn't want my buzz wearing off so we went back to the couches and started to drink some more. I wasn't feeling any pain as I sat next to Kaner and handed him one of the shots that I had bought.

Here you go birthday boy' I said

" Thanks." he replied with a grin that I couldn't deny was sexy

" No problem. Here's to being another year older and wiser."

We clinked our glasses together and drank. I knew it was none of my business but I couldn't help but ask where Tina was.

" I think she went to the bathroom or something. I'm really not sure"

" I think that you should come dance with me"

" hmm I don't dance"

" Oh come on don't be such a wimp"

I knew that men, especially professional athletes, hated having their manhood called into question so that was all it took to get him on his feet and following me. I grabbed his hand so I could lead him through the crowd of people and when we got somewhere near the middle I turned around. I put his hands on my hips and put my arms around his neck and started to sway.

" See. This isn't that bad is it" I yelled over the music.

" Nope not bad at all" he yelled back in my ear.

I could feel his hot breath on my skin and I can't deny that I flushed from the top of my head to my toes when I felt him pull me closer to him. I knew that I would't be doing this if it wasn't for the alcohol but I couldn't seem to stop myself. I looked up at him and saw him leaning towards me, like he was planning on kissing me. I tensed up at the expectation but was abruptly pushed away. I almost fell over and I turned around to see Tina barreling at us like a rocket that just had gotten launched. Oh shit I thought to myself. This isn't going to be good. She came over to where we were and started to scream. Luckily for me most of her rage was aimed at Patrick. I tried to get away but since she was making a scene people had gathered around, effectivly blocking any escape route. I was standing there when her rage finally turned on me.

" Look here you stupid slut, Kane is mine and I am not going to let some old bitch steal him away from me after all of the work that I put into this relationship. My first and only thought was

Oh hell no this stupid jersey chaser did not just call me old and a slut.

I went to lunge at her with the intention of busting the Bitches face but I never got the chance. I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and lift me off the ground.

" Let go of me" I screamed as I struggled to get away.
" Kaner, take her home and deal with this in a more private setting" the same voice commanded.

Kaner gave me a look like he was trying to apologize and he followed her out of the club at breakneck speed. I struggled against the arms for a few more seconds before I finally went limp. "Can you stand up?" I nodded my head and the arms set me on the floor. I turned around and saw Sharpie looking at me with a worried look on his face. I tried not to think about what had just happened and what it could possibly mean. Instead I did the only logical thing that my drunk brain could thing of. I pulled Sharpie down to me and crushed my lips to his. It only took a few seconds for me to feel his tongue on my lips and I gladly granted him access. I knew that what I was doing was probably making me look like a whore but I didn't care. We finally broke the kiss long enough to breath and I was finally able to make my request.
" Let's get out of here" I whispered into his ear, sucking on the sensitive skin of his neck. I felt a jolt go through my body as he moaned softly and responded by grabbing my hand and almost running to get our jackets. We were both to drunk to drive so we decided to get a cab instead. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the crook of my neck in my favorite spot while we waited and I felt like my body was on fire. It took all of my will power to not let out a large moan as his hands roamed up and under my jacket. The cab finally came and we were able to leave. He threw a fifty dollar bill at the cabdriver so we wouldn't have to mess with it later and gave him the adress. It was only a fifteen minute ride but we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. When we got to his apartment the cab driver gave us a knowing smile and wished us a good night. We literally ran to the elevator and made out the whole way up to his floor. We finally got to his door and he didn't even let the door close all the way before he crushed me up against it. Since I was so much shorter then he was he picked me up to even us out. My arms went to the back of his neck and my legs made their way around his waist. He held me like I weighed nothing and used one hand to take off my jacket. Once I shrugged it off his hand found their way up my shirt and his mouth started to attack my neck again. There wasn't really anything that I could do so I leaned back against the door and enjoyed the sensations that were coursing through my body. Finally I couldn't take anymore.
' Sharpie, Stop." I managed to get out breathlessly.
He stopped what he was doing and looked at me with concern in his eyes. He gently put me down and stepped away.
I responded by taking my shirt off. At this point he looked confused.
" I only wanted you to stop because I couldn't get anything off of you or me and we have way to many clothes on for my liking"
His eyes got bright and he closed the distance between us. He helped me take off his sweatshirt and tshirt and I was fascinated by all of the muscles that I saw. I lightly scratched my nails From his pecs down his abs and I enjoyed the way they twitched under my fingers.
He didn't say another word as he picked me up again and carried me to his bedroom.
He quickly stripped off the rest of our clothes and I wrapped my arms around his neck so I could get at his lips. He responded when I gently bite his lower lip with a loud moan that I matched with my own as his hands began to wander over my body. He settled himself in between my legs and nudged them open wider to accomidate him.
" Are you sure about this?" he asked me, surprising me
" Please I need you inside of me" I practically begged
He entered me slowly so I could adjust to his size and when he was fully inside he didn't move right away. He just leaned over so he could kiss me. I finally had enough and I started to bring my hips up to let him know that I was more than ready. He started to move, slowly at first but upping the tempo at my pleading. Our moans mingled as our our orgasims neared. I could feel myself near the edge he pounded into me at just the right angle to bring me over it. I dug my nails into his back and bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming as my body tensed. A few minutes later he gasped my name as he came. He collapsed on me, both of our breathing coming out in ragged gasp. We didn't say anything as our heartrates returned to normal. He just laid there planting gentle kisses on my neck and collarbone and I gently rubbed my nails up and down his back. Finally he pushed his way off of me and laid on his side. He pulled me against him and I buried my face into his chest. I fell asleep in that position.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Old Friends,New Situations Chapter 1

I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot and jumped out of my car. My eyes quickly scanned the parking lot for a silver land rover and it only took me a few seconds to find it. I could feel the huge smile break out on my face as I spied a familiar male figure leaning against it. I couldn't contain my excitment and I ran over to where he was standing and threw myself into the arms that I found waiting for me. I buried my face into his chest and returned the hard hug that I was receiving.

"Hi Burs" I murmered into the mans chest. "I've missed you"

" Missed you to Mel"

We finally broke apart and I stepped back to look at the man who had been one of my best friends since my sophmore year at the UW.

" You look the same" I stated and it made him laugh.

" Is that good or bad?" he asked

" Well you couldn't have gotten much uglier so I guess it's not a bad thing."

" Good to see that you are the same Mel that I know and love"

" You know it"

I was in Chicago to see Adam Burish play against the San Jose Sharks. We had known each other for the better part of nine years and even though we kept in contact through emails and phone calls it was the first time that I had had the time to see him play in person since he had made his debut. I was told to to get in my car and follow him to his house where I was going to be spending the weekend. It took almost twenty minutes of driving before we pulled up in front of a large house. I got out and went to grab my suitcase but Adam beat me to it. I followed him inside and was plesantly surprised. We went through a foyer and into the kitchen which was beautiful but you could tell didn't get much use. From there we went to the living room and up some stairs.

"Alright, the room you will be staying in is the last one on the left. My room is right here and the bathroom is the next door. I hate to leave you by yourself but it's almost time for my nap"

" I remember Bur. Lunch at eleven fourty five, chicken and some kind of pasta and nap from two to four"

"Am I really that predictable?"

" Well you are male and a hockey player so I will go with a yes."

" Damn I am going to have to start changing my routine"

" yeah that's going to happen" I snorted, rolling my eyes.

" The remote is on the coffee table and help yourself to whatever you find in the fridge"

" Okee Dokey. See you in a little while"

I got up on my tippy toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I watched as he disappeared into his room and I finally wandered downstairs. I flopped on the couch and grabbed the remote. After flipping through the channels and not finding anything on I decided to be nosy and look around the house closer. I spied a side table full of pictures so I went over to see what they were. There were the normal pictures of his family but I spied several that involved his college days. I found one that I was very familiar with. It was my picture that was taken at a party not long after we met. I was sitting on his lap and my arm was thrown around his neck and we both had huge smiles on our faces. If you didn't know better you would think that we had been a couple at one point, even though that was not the case. I sighed and set the picture back down. Everything had been so simple back then. Don't get me wrong, I love my job as a scrub nurse and I had worked really hard to get where I was but all it seemed like I did anymore was work. It was kind of sad actually. It's not like I was that old. I was turning twenty eight tomorrow. I was restless and I decided to head upstairs. I knew Burs slept like the dead, so I quietly opened his door and crawled into bed next to him. He instincivly threw his arm around me and I snuggled into the warmth that his body provided. I woke up to the ringing of an alarm not much later. Adam didn't even blink when he saw that I was next to him.

" Come on women, we have to be at the arena by five thirty"

I got up and went to grab my stuff out of the spare room so I could shower. When I was done I threw on my favorite pair of jeans and an old badgers jersey that Adam had given me along time ago. I threw my hair up and put on some light make-up before heading downstairs. Adam was already downstairs waiting for me in the kitchen.

" Kaner's birthday is tomorrow and since yours is to I was thinking that we could go out with some of the guys after the game to celebrate. What do you think?"

" I don't know Bur. Being surrounded by hot drunk hockey players for my birthday? Sounds like it would be boring." I said sarcastically

" Whatever. You know you'll love it."

" So are any of your teammates single?" I asked trying to be nonchalant about it.

" Why do you ask?" he said, raising his eyebrow at me

" If I am going to be hanging out with a bunch of drunk guys I would like to know who is attached because the last thing that I want to get into is a high school bitch fight. "

He looked at me like he didn't believe me but he didn't push the issue.

" Most of the guys have girlfriends. The only ones that don't are me, Sharpie, versteeg, and Tazer.

" Good to know" I said grinning.

" Why do I have the feeling that you are going to get yourself into trouble?"

I tried to give him what I liked to call my innocent eyes, but unfortunatly it didn't work on him in the slightest.

" You can stop looking at me like that. It doesn't work." He stated.

" I don't plan on getting into trouble, but it's been so long since I've been able to relax and have fun that I plan on going with the flow"

" Alright I can deal with that. As long as you don't get yourself arrested we should be fine."

We finally left for the arena a few minutes later. The drive was pretty uneventful and Adam gave me my ticket and pass to get to the locker room after the game. We parked in the players lot and I followed him into the building. We went to the locker room where all of Adams teammates were standing around getting ready for the game.

" Hey Burish who's the hottie?" I heard someone yell as I walked in

I felt myself blushing as every male eye turned in my direction, sizing me up. Adam grabbed me by the arm and led me around the room introducing me to everyone. The closest person Jonathan Toews.

" So your the infamous Melissa that Burish always talks about huh." He asked smiling at me.

" Live and in the flesh. And you must be captain serious." I quipped

He looked a little shocked at first but then he started to smile.

" Live and in the flesh" He parroted back to me

The next person I was introduced to was Patrick Sharp. He was standing at his stall without a shirt on and it took all my will power to not stare. There was nothing about the man that wasn't sexy and I have always had a thing for tall dark haired, dark eyed guys. You could say that it was my weakness

" So I hear it's your birthday tomorrow too. You are coming out with us right?" He asked flashing that killer grin at me.

" Of course I wouldn't miss it for the world"

" Good. I'll see you later then"

I turned around and went to find Adam, who had wandered off. He was standing at his stall and was starting to get ready.

" I am going to go find my seat. Have a good game"

" Alright. I'll see you later"

I got on my tippy toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I turned around and went to leave. I felt like someone was staring at me and I looked to the side and found myself looking into Patrick Kane's eyes. He broke the eye contact first, leaving me to wonder what the hell that intense look was for in the first place. I mean we hadn't even been introduced and he was glaring at me?
Whatever, I had a game to enjoy.