Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Update soon

Sorry that I have kept you guys waiting for so long. My boss, who knows that I love hockey, actually gave me yesterday off so I could watch the game so I was glad that the guys were able to win it and not have it go to a game seven. I like to think that they won the cup because I wrote about it. Okay I'm really not that delusional but it's a nice thought right? I'm hoping to go to the parade when they finally figure out when they are doing it because that would be awsome to experience and I am hoping that Burish does something for the fans when it comes to Madison for his day because there isn't much that I wouldn't do to be able to see the Stanley Cup in person. Anyways the purpose of this post is to tell you that there will be updates coming and soon.

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    I'm so happy the Hawks won, they're my second favourite team and coincidently a whole bunch of them are from Ontario. I expect quite a few cup celebrations to be no more than 2 hours away. Some are as close as 20minutes! (I really want to drive to see Patrick Sharp in thunder bay [maybe see a Staal while I'm there?] although that would be quite the drive).