Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Headaches Chapter 37

I was going through my posts and I saw the one I posted on knowing when to end a story. It's kind of crazy that since then I have posted eleven more chapters. That just goes to show you that comments can be really important because I know that this story wouldn't be what it is right now without the inspiration that I got from one. To be totally honest I was all ready to write a " They got married, had a ton more kids and lived happily ever after" ending because I had no idea what to do next. I am going to try to update my other story and it's really hard for me to write both at the same time. mostly because I get confused between the two but I promise I won't make you wait too long and if for some reason I do feel free to comment/email me to give me a kick in the butt.

I felt someone prodding me and I wanted to yell at them because all I wanted to do was sleep because my head was killing me but whoever it was was persistant and it took all of my willpower to open my eyes. I saw a stranger in a white coat looking at me and it took a few seconds to figure out where I was. I looked around and saw what appeared to be a hospital room and more importantly I was the person in the bed.

" Hi. It's good to see you awake. I'm doctor Carlson. You were in an accident and hit your head pretty hard.

So that's what had happened. I had a foggy recollection of being tired and then nothing after that but I guess that would be why my head felt like it wanted to explode. Even though my head hurt my mind instantly went to how badly I was injured. I tried to move my hands and then my feet and was glad to find that I could do both with very little effort. The doctor was talking to me, asking me the normal questions that one would ask of someone that had a head injury. I knew who I was, what year it was and every other question that he asked so I guess it wasn't too bad.

He finished his exam and sat down on the edge of the bed so he could tell me what was going on.

" We did a catscan when you arrived and we found some bleeding in temporal lobe and we sedated you in case we had to do any emergency procedures but thankfully it seems to have stopped. Now we just have to worry about post concussion syndrome. I'll have the nurse give you some info on it later. As far as the rest of you it seems like alot of deep bruising.

I already knew what the symptoms of post concussion syndrome having been around hockey players for as long as I have. It was different for each person but could include headaches, irritiability and difficulty concentrating among other things.

" I'd like to observe you one more night just to make sure that everything is okay. You have people in the waiting room that would like to see you if you are up for it."

" Yeah I would like that." He left and a few minutes later my mom came in with AJ. She started to cry and hugged me hard enough that it really kind of hurt but I didn't complain. Adam and Karri came in next and gave me the lecture about how stupid I had been and again I took it with a smile on my face, just glad that I was around to hear it.

" Patrick is the only one left to see you but he wanted me to make sure that it was alright with you first. The doctor recommended that we try to not stress you right now since it might make any symptoms that come up in the next few days worse." Karri said slipping into the role of caretaker

" If it gets too intense I will kick him out." I promised, wanting to make sure that he was going to be allowed to come in.

" Fine. Give us a few minutes then and we'll send him in" she said as they both gave me hugs before leaving. I did wait a few minutes and I was starting to think that he had changed his mind but he finally appeared and I when I saw him I could tell how badly he had taken it. His hair was sticking up every where and he had bags under his eyes like he hadn't slept at all. He came over and sat beside me and grabbed my hand before he started talking.

" I was so scared when I got the phonecall about what had happened. All the cops could tell us was that there had been a pretty bad accident and that you had to be cut out of the car before you were transported here by ambulance. I drove here as fast as I could and the whole time I kept thinking that you had to be okay because if you weren't then I would never forgive myself for how I acted towards you. It was stupid and selfish and this has made me realize how much I love you and that I should never take anything for granted because it could be gone tommorrow."

I pulled on his hand so that he had to stand up and I kept on pulling until he leaned over far enough so I could kiss him without moving my head to much. He gently cupped my face and kissed me back.

" Did you and Taze kiss and make up yet? He was pretty pissed at you." I asked wanting to make sure that they were okay too

" Yeah I called and apologized last night. The only reason that I got so mad in the first place was because I knew he was right about everything and I didn't want to hear it."

There was just one more thing that I wanted to get off my chest before I could really feel like we were heading in the right direction.

" I know that you were furious with me when you left the house that day but it really scared the shit out of me when Tazer called and said that you were so messsed up that you couldn't barely walk or talk you were so drunk. You could have gotten hurt or in trouble."

" I know and it won't happen again. Besides Taze wasn't too happy that he had to clean my puke up off of his living room carpet and you know how he is so he already gave me the lecture about needing to be more mature."

I sighed as my head started to pound even worse from all of the talking that I had done with everyone. I must have been making faces because Patrick asked me if I was okay and when I told him how bad my headache was he called a nurse into the room to deal with it. I swallowed the pill she gave me without question and it only took a few minutes for me to start getting sleepy so I guess it was something more than an aspirin. The last thing I heard before I closed my eyes was Patrick telling me that he would still be there when I woke up.


  1. yay.... ok so now that they are back together...what

    cant wait for more

  2. awww where can i get a patrick?

    p.s. pleasse update your jordan staal story!

  3. "It was stupid and selfish and this has made me realize how much I love you and that I should never take anything for granted because it could be gone tommorrow."
    He finally sees the light!
    I'm glad he came to his senses. Tazer is such an awesome guy and just the type of friend that Kaner needs to keep him in line.

    If you're referring to my comment I think it's pretty cool that it gave you inspiration to keep writing but it's all you. I had little to do with it except appreciate your writing! Keep up the great work! I just need some motivation for my story, this current chapter is going very, very slowly. I write a little everyday in my notebook but it's taking awhile and not coming out right! Argh, so frustrating.
    P.S. I hope you don't mind me leaving these annoyingly long comments where I ramble on about random things!