Friday, May 7, 2010

Protection Chapter 39

I sat in front of the mound of presents that were currently sitting on the table in front of me. I had now idea how I had let myself be talked into this but I guess it started with being out numbered. I also knew that the only reason that the guys wanted to have a party was so they could remind me that I was now an old lady. Because I had insisted Patrick had opened his stuff first and after I saw what he had gotten I knew that I was in for it. Everyone looked at me expectantly as I grabbed the first box. It looked like a shirt box. I pulled the little card off of it and saw that it was from Duncs and Seabs. It was really true that they did pretty much everything together. They looked at me waiting for my reaction. I slowly pulled out the first shirt and looked at it. It was black and had the head of what I would have to guess was a cougar because under it was printed cougar on the prowl.

" Really guys?" I said as I dug out the the next one. This one was even better. It was bright red and had the words certified milf. I just shook my head and put it down with the other one. The rest of the gifts that followed were pretty much the same. Adam and Karri bought me a naughty nurse outfit complete with a stethoscope and that was followed by a kit that included, among other things, a pair of pink furry handcuffs. I didn't think that I could get anymore embarresed but little did I know how wrong I was. I was told that there was one more present for me before we went to the bar and that it was from all of the guys. I looked around and didn't see anything so I was really confused. I watched as Adam went to his kitchen and grabbed a chair at the same time that Sharpie went to the stereo and started to mess with an ipod that was already plugged into it. I was pulled and sat right back down into the chair that had been placed at the center of the living room. As a wad of dollar bills were shoved into my hand it finally dawned on me what was going on. They had to have hired a stripper and if they did I was going to kill them. I waited and it only took a few minutes for me to hear the start of the song " Boom Boom Pow" by the Blackeyed Peas. My eye got wide and I looked around the room and didn't see the person that I was looking for. Oh hell no I was going to kill all of them. All of a sudden I heard everyone start to yell and hoot and when I looked over my shoulder and my eyes went huge as Steeger came prancing out of the hallway wearing nothing but a pair of black jeans and a bowtie. I could tell that he was enjoying himself as he came up to me and started to shake his butt in my face. I could feel my face turning red as he started to strip out of his jeans, leaving him with with just the bowtie and a speedo. He started to give me a lapdance and I started to shove the dollar bills in his speedo just to get this over with as soon as possible. Finally the song ended and thankfully he took a bow and went off to clapping and cheers.

" So did you like the team present?" Sharpie asked with a grin after everyone quieted down

" Seriously, Steeger?" I asked

" Well we were going to ask Buff to do it but Steeger already had the underware and bowtie so we figured we'd just let him do it. Besides did you see how much he enjoyed himself." Adam said not able to hide the shit eating grin on his face

" Yeah that was part of the problem. I think that he was enjoying himself a little too much." I muttered.

" Now how about we clean this place up and then head out to the bar?" Adam said

" Screw that. I'm the birthday girl. Clean it up your damnself." I huffed as I went back to the living room

A little while later we headed to the club that the team usually went to when we all went out. I had been forced into wearing the cougar shirt and a huge ridiculas pin that said spank me it's my birthday. We all got a couple of drinks in us and sat down to relax. I was feeling pretty good so I figured it was time to start dancing. I started dancing with Tazer, moved to Seabs and decided that I needed to find my boyfriend to dance with. I looked around the bar and my eyes narrowed as I saw him talking to a red head while he sat at the bar. He was facing her and she was leaned towards him and I really didn't like the body launguage that I was seeing from her. She might as well been wearing a huge sign that said easy lay. I had to admit that I was still feeling a little insecure about the whole age thing and seeing my cute younger fiancee flirt with a cute girl that was probably around the same age as him. I made my way to the bar and made a point of squeezing in between the two of them to get another drink. I felt a hand make it's way to my waist and I turned around sticking my boobs right in his face. I leaned forward and kissed his lips and made my way along his jaw to his ear.

" Who's your friend" I whispered into his ear before I started to kiss the skin directly behind it

" What are you talking about?" he asked as I pulled away. I couldn't help but grin.

" Never mind. Let's go dance." I said as I pulled him off the chair and onto the crowded floor. He's still not that big on dancing but he's gotten better and the alcohol in his system loosened him up enough that he was at least enjoying himself. We left a little before one since we had to get back. His family was in town to celebrate our birthdays and insisted that we go out to have a little time to get out and spend together. Despite now knowing what Steegers ass looked like, it had been a fun, relaxing night. When we got back home I went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and he followed closely behind me. I tried to ignore him as he pressed himself against my back and moved my hair our of the way so he could kiss the back of my neck. We were interuppted as someone came in the kitchen. I wiggled out of his arms and turned around to see his sister Erica standing in the doorway watching us.
" Don't let me interrupt." she mumbled " At least someone may be getting some tonight."
I turned and saw the look on Patrick's face and knew that if I didn't intervene that he was going to say something that would probably start a fight. As much as he didn't like it she was a grown women and she was going to do grownup things no matter what he thought or said.
" Babe why don't you head up to bed and I'll meet you upstairs in a few minutes." I said trying to defuse the situation. He looked like he was still going to say something but changed his mind. He gave me a kiss and and headed upstairs. I sat at the table and waited for Erica to spill whatever was on her mind.
" So was Jonathan at the bar with you guys tonight?" she asked looking at the table
" Yeah he was." I said not quite sure why she would be asking
" He didn't go home with anyone did he?" she asked me finally looking up at me
" No not that I know of but he isn't really the type to just pick random puckfucks all of the time."
She looked relieved at this little bit of info and it finally dawned on me why she was asking.
" Erica did something happen between you and Tazer?"
She bit her lip and nodded
" I've always thought Jon was cute and whenever I was around him he was really nice to me, flirting and stuff and I guess it was right before you guys met that I came down to visit for a weekend. Pat took me out to the bar with them even though I wasn't old enough and he was too busy fighting with Tina to be paying attention to what I was doing. I wanted to go home and Jon offered to take me because she wasn't ready to leave. When we got back here I invited him in and we ended up having sex on the couch." She looked like she was on the verge of crying and I scooted my chair over so I could give her a hug

" I really liked him and I know that he liked me but afterwards he said that it was a mistake, that Pat would kill the both of us if he ever found out what happened and as much as it pissed me off I knew that he was right. He got dressed and left and now he won't even look at me."

" I'm sorry sweetie."

" You know the worse part is that even though it was one time over two years ago I can't get it out of my head. I haven't told anyone this but the reason that my last boyfriend broke up with me was because I called him Jon in the middle of having sex with him. Needless to say that didn't go over well with him and he ended it the same night. Told me that it wasn't fair to be compared to someone like that."

" That fucking bastard. He's right I'm going to kill him." I heard Patrick say as he stood in the doorway. His face was red and he was clenching his hands into fists at his side. Erica and I both looked at each other with wide eyes as he turned around and headed into the living room. We both jumped up and went in after him to stop him from doing anything stupid. He was shoving his feet into his shoes.

" Patrick don't do anything stupid. I know that she is your little sister but she is an adult that can make her own decisions and you need to respect that.

"You are such a fucking hypocrite. Before you two got together you use to fuck whatever random chick that you found in the bar but I'm suppose to sit at home for the rest of my life and be a nun? You can go fuck yourself." she yelled

" Don't you get it? I'm your big brother. It's my job to protect you." he yelled back

" Maybe that was true a long time ago but I'm a big girl now. You have to let me make my own mistakes." She said as she sat down next to him and put her hand on his arm. All of the fight seemed to go out of both of them as they sat there in silence. I jumped as I felt a hand on my shoulder.
" Is everything all right? We thought that we heard someone yelling." his mom asked me as she looked over my shoulder at what was going on in front of us
" Everything is fine mom. You can go back to bed." he said in a voice that was slightly husky from the yelling
She looked at me and I nodded my head. She didn't ask anymore questions and headed back upstairs to go back to sleep. He pulled his sister towards him and gave her a kiss on the forehead before he let her go.
" I just don't want to see you get hurt that's all. I wasn't trying to be a jerk." he said with a sigh
" I know that you act the way that you do because you care but I promise that I'll be okay and if I get a broken heart then you'll both be there to help me pick it up and put it back together." she said looking at me for support
" That's what family does." I affirmed as I returned the smile that she gave me
" Well I guess you have my permission but just be warned that I don't ever want to hear any details ever and that you better not be stupid because if he knocks you up or hurts you I'll still be forced to kill him and I would prefer not to spend the rest of my life in jail because let's face it, I'm way to pretty and I don't feel like being the bitch of some big guy named bubba."
I knew that his lame attempt at humor was his way of letting us know that he was as okay with this as he was going to be. She gave him a sloppy kiss and jumped up and hugged me tightly
" Thanks. I really appreciate your help with this. I don't think that he would have ever listened to me."
" I wouldn't get yourself to worked up just yet. You still have to talk to Tazer." I said not wanting her to get her hopes up
"I know but I'm just excited that I have the chance to see if there is anything there like I think. At least if he shoots me down this time it won't be because my brother won't approve."
" I think that you should try to get some sleep, it's late." I watched as she bounded up the stairs
I went and sat on the couch where Patrick was still sitting with his head leaned back against the couch.
" Why do I feel like I was just ganged up on." he said with his eyes still closed.
" Because you were." I said with a small laugh
" I really hope I'm making the right decision." he said opening his eyes to look at me
" Well I do agree with her and at least we know that Tazer is a good guy. If I had a sister I would want her with someone like him. He's cute and mature and a sweetie and.. damn why am I with you again?" I said trying to joke around with him
" Well if you want maybe you and my sister can date him at the same time so you can keep an eye on them."
" Okay I'll give him a call tomorrow. Maybe we can set it up so I can have him on Mondays, Wensdays and Fridays and we can rotate weekends." I said like I was really thinking about it. He grabbed my arm and layed backwards pulling me on top of him.
" I change my mind. I don't think I'll be very good at sharing." he said as he cupped my face and pulled me towards him so he could kiss me.
" That's good cause I think that you are stuck with me at this point." I said as his hands started to roam over my lower back
" There is nobody else that I would rather be stuck with. Why don't we head up to bed. This whole night has been exhausting.
I agreed and gave him my hand to help him up after I managed to crawl off of him. He took my hand and I followed him up to our bedroom, only stopping to check on AJ before we both fell into bed.


  1. LMAO this chapter was hilarious. I love their gifts and so creative of you to come up with them. I don't think cougar and MILF are such a bad label to have but she seemed embarassed.
    Steeger! HAHAHA omg I was dying, I would've just shoved all the bills in at once and gotten it over with ASAP.

    I kind of feel sorry for his sister, I'm glad they got Pat to calm down. The protective older brother emotion can only go so far (I found that out when my younger sister started dating someone who I hated). Jon is probably one of the best guys around so the sooner he sees that the better. I didn't expect Jonny to do something like that though, this creates a whole other storyline that i'm interested to hear about. I think it might complicate things though.

  2. I cant write a comment like the one above but I can tell you that I love this story...just love it...

    keep it up