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Simple Little Things Chapter 38

I know I said that I was going to be working on my other story and I am but I can't seem to get this one out of my head. Thanks for the comments recently I really appreciate them and to EhisCdn please don't ever think that your comments are annoying or too long. Everytime I post a new chapter I anticipate what you are going to write because it never fails to make me smile and usually laugh out loud. So please continue to ramble because it will always be enjoyed. lol
Hope everything is going well with your story and if you want you can always email me if you need any help with anything. So I realized that the timeline for this story is confusing because I am not very good at keeping track of where I am at with that. So they met a day before their twenty-eigth and twenty-first birthdays. They started dating january of the next year and she got pregnant in june and they would have celebrated another birthday a piece making that a year. She had the baby in March and I've wrote that he is already around eight months old already which would make it close to their birthdays yet again. So to recap the Baby is around eight months old and they both will be celebrating their 30 and 23rd birthdays, which makes it almost two years since they first met and almost two years since they have started dating. Man I hope all of that makes sense to someone cause I'm really confused right If something in this doesn't sound right please let me know because I'm really to lazy to go back and read the whole story right now.

It had been almost two weeks since my accident and while it was getting better I was still having some issues with headaches and being cranky. It helped that my mom had offered to help until I felt well enough to be able to take care of things on my own. The guys were being great, offering to help when they were around and giving me tips to heal quicker. I was sitting on the couch when Patrick came home from practice and brought a few of the guys with him.

" So it's almost time for someone to turn thirty." Seabs said as he plopped down beside me

" Thanks for reminding me you asshole." I said as I punched him in the arm. He pretended to be hurt as he rubbed his arm

" Are you guys planning on doing something this year since we'll be in town?" Tazer asked as he he came out of the kitchen, having rooted around in our fridge for something to eat

" I don't know, I haven't talked to Patrick about it yet but as far as I'm concerned I'm not having anymore birthdays. I'm going to be twenty-nine for the rest of my life."

Patrick came down the stairs with AJ on his hip. I couldn't believe that it had already been almost eight months since he had been born. He was talking up a storm and no matter what kind of mood I was in he never failed to make me smile. He was already trying to pull himself up on stuff and was calling us mama and dada, which especially thrilled Patrick. He sat him down on the floor and gave him one of the mini sticks that he had bought awhile ago and took the other one as he sat across from him and gently hit the little foam ball towards AJ.

" Come on hit it back to daddy." he tried to coax. It was so cute that I couldn't help but laugh. AJ tried to swipe at the ball but ended up missing it completly and falling over. He pouted for a minute before crawling over to the couch and using Brent's pants to pull himself up.

" Come here." Brent cooed as AJ held his hand up to him to be picked up. Brent sat him on his knee and started to bounce him around, causing him to giggle. Patrick went and turned on the ps3 and brought both controllers with him. He threw one to Taze before he settled himself against my legs. Ever since the accident these were the kinds of things that I realized I shouldn't take for granted. I would take boring and routine over being six feet under any day. I got up to make a few phonecalls since the guys were making a lot of noise. I called my mom to let her know that everything was going okay and that I was feeling okay. She had been worried when I sent her home so I had to reassure her. The next phonecall was to our wedding planner to let her know that yes the wedding was still on. The last one was to check on Anna to see how she was feeling. She was just starting to show but she was doing well, just tired and constantly hungry according to her. We talked for a few more minutes before I let her go. I went back into the living room and squished myself between the two men and took my son back from Brent who had him sitting up in the crook of his arm while he harrased the other two guys. I leaned over to run my fingers through his hair and noted that he was needing a haircut so I would probably have to make an appointment for him or he would never remember to do it until he looked like a homeless person.

" Something wrong?" he asked as he tilted his head backwards to look at me

" Not a thing. Just thinking about how much I love you," I said

" That's good because I love you too." he said with a grin before turning his attention back to the game

" Aww what about me? Don't you love me too?" Seabs pretend whined

" Nope. To be totally honest with you I really don't even like you. I just put up with you because I have to." I replied trying not to smile as I said it

" Man you really know how to break a guy's heart." he said pretending to be wounded as he held his hand over his heart

" Oh I think that'll you'll survive." I said rolling my eyes
" Actually I've been talking to a girl." he said like he was proud of himself
" You know that one of those dolls that you can get off the internet doesn't count right seabs?" Patrick asked as he threw the game controller on the floor.
" Yeah they actually have to talk back for it to count as a relationship." Tazer chimed in
" Whatever you asses. She is a real person and for your information she is smart and hot and fun to talk to."
" So where did you meet this one. Please tell me it wasn't at one of the clubs." I said as we all turned our attention to him
" Actually we met a longtime ago. She is the daughter of the billet family that I stayed with in Lethbridge and I invited the whole family to my cup party."
" Wow so you've guys known each other for awhile then."
" Yeah but the funny part is that she was only twelve when I moved in with her family. All I remember from the three years that I was there was this akward quiet girl with braces. When I saw her I couldn't believe how much has changed over the years. She became this hot confident women and we exchanged numbers and have been talking on and off ever since.
I saw the distant dreamy look on his face and I could tell that he was infatuated with this mystery women. Of course the guys couldn't resist the opportunity to give him hell and I moved out of the way so I wouldn't get caught in the middle of the wrestling match that had commenced on the floor. I was getting kind of tired anyways so I went and took AJ upstairs so we could both take a nap.

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  1. This chapter was fantastic! The interactions just seem so real and I love how the guys are with AJ. Let's see so much to quote from...

    "' Thanks for reminding me you asshole." I said as I punched him in the arm. He pretended to be hurt as he rubbed his arm"
    This made me laugh so much, I can see her being a little bit sensitive about her age considering all the guys that are around are quite a bit younger then her.

    Patrick and AJ playing mini sticks is so sweet. I guess Patrick is instilling a love for hockey into him at a young age.

    " You know that one of those dolls that you can get off the internet doesn't count right seabs?" Patrick asked as he threw the game controller on the floor.
    " Yeah they actually have to talk back for it to count as a relationship." Tazer chimed in
    ^LMAO poor Seabs but I think he probably had that one coming.

    I'm glad you enjoy my comments but honestly I know how long it takes to write a chapter so commenting is the least I can do. Even if they probably don't make sense half the time ;p. I enjoy all the comments you leave on my story as well. I didn't even think about the timeline to be honest, I just go from chapter to chapter lol. But it makes sense now so thanks for clarifying.