Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boys will be boys Chapter 9

I woke the next morning to the sound of knocking at my door. I groaned as I looked at the clock and saw that it was only seven thirty in the morning. Patrick barely stirred as I wiggled out of his arms. There was another more insistant knock and I tried to find some clothes to quickly put on.

" Just a minute." I yelled at the door as I pulled my jeans over my hips. I went to the door and couldn't believe what I was seeing as I looked through the peep hole. I opened the door to find Bur, Seabs, Keith, Sharpie and Versteeg standing in front of my door.

" Hey guys what's up? It's seven thirty in the morning." I said trying not to get irritated

" What's in the containers?" I couldn't help but ask

" We figured that you guys would need a good breakfast after last night." Adam said with way to big a grin for my liking.

" That's really nice guys but I think we can handle feeding ourselves.

" Nonsense. This is what friends do."

Adam and the rest of the guys pushed their way past me into my room. I sighed knowing there was no way I was getting them to leave. Adam and sharpie sat on the bed, bounching around so Patrick would wake up. Everyone else sat in the avaliable chairs and on the desk. Patrick made some intelligable noise as Bur poked at him. Finally he opened his eyes and gave everyone an evil look.

" Morning Kaner. Aren't you looking cute this morning." Adam quipped

" What the hell are you guys doing in here." He asked sleepily rubbing at his eyes.

" The guys decided to bring us breakfast. Wasn't that nice of them?'" I said after accepting a container from Seabs.

" Yeah real nice." he grumbled sitting up. The blanket slid pretty low on his hips and I couldn't help but think of all the dirty things that I could be doing to him.

" Hello earth to Mel."

I blushed bright red and stuffed some food in my mouth so I wouldn't have to respond. All of the guys laughed at me and started to eat their food. A little while later I kicked everyone out so I could spend the last few hours with Patrick before they had to leave.

" I'll see you guys later." I told them as I pushed them out the door

" Have fun and try not to wear Kaner out to much. We have some important games coming up after our couple of days off."

" I'll try not to, promise. Now go.

I was finally able to close the door and I went to the bed where Patrick was still laying.

" Hey babe. I didn't get to properly greet you this morning." I said leaning over him with a grin.

I squeeled as he pulled me on top of him. His lips found mine and I responded with a light moan.

His hands found their way to hem of my shirt and he started to lightly rub along the edge.

" You are such a tease." I grumbled

" And you love it."

I sat up and pulled his hand away from my stomach. I got off the bed and started to take my clothes off. He stared at me while I did my impromtu strip tease. Instead of heading to the bed like he expected me to I went to the bathroom. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him.

" Are you coming" I asked as I walked into the bathroom.

It only took a second for him to come up behind me as I turned the water in the shower on. He pressed himself up behind me. I made sure the water was the right temperture and I stepped under the spray and I grabbed his hand as he stepped inside behind me. I knew what he wanted but since he got so much enjoyment out of torturing me I decided to return the favor. I pushed him away from me and grabbed a bar of soap. I got it wet and started to soap his shoulders and chest. I heard him draw his breath through his clenched teeth as my hands went lower. I grabbed his shoulders and turned him around and started to soap up his back. I couldn't help but grin as I felt the muscles in his back clench under my fingers.

" There now all you have to do is rinse off and you'll be clean."

He turned around and pinned me against the cool tile. His face was centimeters from mine and I could feel his breath on my wet face.

" Your beautiful." he said as he rubbed his hands up and down my wet body. He grabbed my leg and pulled it up so he had something to grab onto. I held onto his shoulders as he slowly pushed his way into me. This time instead of the intense pace he took his time. I let my head fall back as his mouth consumed the skin on my neck. Even though it wasn't as frentic as the night before it was no less intense. I moaned his name into his ear and we both went over the edge together. I panted against his heaving chest.

" Don't let go of me." I managed to spit out.

" Wasn't planning on it." he panted as he laid a few gentle kisses on my shoulder.

After a few minutes we were finally able to break apart. We finished washing up and quickly got out since the water was getting cold. I got out first and and threw him a towel. We got ready and dressed in relative silence. All I could think about was how much I was going to miss him and how I wished there was some way that we could spend more time together. I was sitting on the bed brushing my hair when he came and sat beside me. It was almost like he was reading my mind.

" I'm going to miss you babe. I wish you could come home with me for the next couple of days. My family is going to love you.

The idea of meeting his family was terrifying. It wasn't so much his parents that I was worried about but his three sisters. From what he had told me his family was really close and I could just imagine how protective they could be. I must have been making a face without realizing it because he was looking at me with a worried look on his face.

" I'm going to miss you to but honestly the idea of meeting your family, especially all of your sisters makes me a little sick to my stomach.

" Why I told you they will love you. " He replied sitting up

" You can't know that. What if they hate me? I know how close your family is and I would hate it if they didn't like me."
I knew that I was probably being stupid but the whole idea was making me very insecure which I hated. I thought I had gotten over that after high school but apparently it didn't take a lot to bring that side of me out.

" Babe trust me. They will like you a million times better than Tina. You are independant, have a job and are a genuine and kind person, which is a lot more than I can say for her.

I looked at him as he mentioned Tina. We had never talked about their break up and being the curious person that I was I couldn't help but ask.

" What happened with you two?"

He shrugged his shoulders as he looked at me.

" I told her that it wasn't working and that as far as I was concerned that we were finished. At first she screamed and threw a vase at me and then she started to cry. I told her that she could cry all she wanted but that she needed to get her stuff together and leave. I think that she was more pissed that she didn't have a meal ticket more than anything. I haven't heard from her since.

His phone rang at that exact moment and I watched him as he anwsered it. He talked for a few minutes before he hung up.

" That was Tazer. Checkout is in a half an hour and I still need to pack up my stuff. Do you want to come up with me?"

" I better not. I think it will be easier if we say goodbye now."

" Your probably right. My flight to Buffalo leaves at eight so I'll call you before I leave okay."

" Sounds good. Have a safe trip back to Chicago and I'll talk to you later."

He stood up and pulled me with him. He pulled me into a tight hug and we stood there for a few minutes in silence. He rested his chin on the top of my head and I buried my face in his chest, inhaling his scent so I could remember it. Finally I pushed him away a little and looked at him.

" You should get going. I don't want you to get into trouble because you were late."

" Your right."

We broke apart and he gave me one last kiss before he left. I watched as the door shut behind him and I wanted nothing more than to chase after him and make him come back, even though the rationale part of me knew that was stupid. I fell back on the bed and tried not to be sad.

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