Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cramping my style Chapter 12

It was the end of February and it was absolutely freezing cold outside. I put my gloves on so I could carry another box downstairs.

" Hey let me get that. It's too heavy." Adam said coming up behind me and grabbing the box out of my hand.

" You know just because I am a girl doesn't mean I can't do any heavy lifting" I grumbled at him

" I know but when you have all of us studs here to help you why would you want to?" he replied, giving me that smart ass grin that I loved

I rolled my eyes at his back as he headed out the door. The guys had a couple of days off and Tazer, Sharpie, Seabs and Bur had offered to come and help me move. I looked around at my almost empty apartment and felt a little twinge of sadness that I was leaving. It had been my home for a long time and it was hard to let go off.

" Everything alright baby?" Patrick asked as he came back inside

" Yeah it's fine. Really." I said as I gave him a kiss

" Remember we are meeting my mom for lunch in a few hours so try not to get to dirty okay."

" I remember. Do you think she'll like me?" he asked

" I have no doubt. Now let's get these last few box's packed and in the truck.

He followed me to what had been my bedroom. Everything was pretty much gone but I had left some clothes out in case I needed them and I wanted to throw them in a box before we left. Patrick reached down and grabbed something off the top of the pile and looked at me with a gleam in his eyes.

" Why haven't I seen these before?" He asked as he held up a pink lacy thong.

I grabbed them out of his hand and threw them in the box along with everything else.

" You haven't seen them before because Olivia gave them to me as a going away present. They also have a matching bra."

" I guess you'll have to try them on later."

" We'll see stud." I kissed him and wasn't surprised when he deepened the kiss. I opened my mouth when I felt his tongue against my lips and I started to wind my fingers through his curls. He seemed to love it when I did that and he moaned softly against my mouth.

" We need to stop before we get out of hand." I said a little out of breath from the kiss

" Why. The idea of throwing you on the floor and having my way with you is really hot"

I didn't say it outloud but I agreed with him. I went to kiss him again but we were interuppted by Seabs coming into the room with Tazer right behind him

" Are you guys done making out like horny teenagers yet? Adam wants to get going. Says he's got some important things that he could be doing. Like Karri"

" Yeah yeah. Here take this box. It's the last one." I handed him the last box and he turned to leave with it. He took a few steps and all of a sudden stopped and looked at me.

" Everyone's glad that you are coming to Chicago. Just thought you should know that."

" Aww. Thanks that's so sweet." I went to him and leaned up so I could give him a peck on the cheek.

" Hey now,Seabs find your own hot girl." Adam said trying to sound mad

I can't help it that I am so irresistable Kaner." With that he walked out of the room

Adam poked his head into the room and told us he was ready to go. Patrick had already given him a house key and instructions to just out everything on the living room floor. Everything else I had either given away or put in storage. We were going to have sort through everything and figure out what we did and didn't need but it was going to have to wait until we got home.

The thought of thinking of his house as my home caused me to smile.

" What are you thinking about?"

" I'm thinking that I am really glad that I decided to give this a chance." I replied honestly

His face lit up in a smile that matched mine and it made me warm to know that I put that on his face.

" Love you."

" Love you too."

We took one last look around to make sure that we hadn't missed anything. We decided to head to the restaurant a little early since we really didn't have anything else to do. It was a little Italian restaraunt that my family and I had ate at a hundred times. I choose it because I figured the chance of him getting recognized would be pretty small. At least that was what I was hoping. We were seated at a cute little table in the back and since it was a weekday there were only a couple of people. The waitress came and we ordered a couple of glasses of wine while we waited. I started to laugh at the look on Patrick's face when the lady asked him for his ID. He got out his wallet and handed it over and the lady looked at it and him several times before finally handing it back over and leaving to fill our order. I couldn't help but tease him.

" See mr. bigshot. I told you that they wouldn't recognize you around here."

" It's no big deal. Really. The lady was just doing her job."

The waitress came back with our glasses of wine. She hesitated for a minute like she wanted to say something but didn't know if she should

" I'm really sorry but one of my co-workers is convinced that you are some famous hockey player. Are you?"

" I play for the Chicago Blackhawks, yeah" he said looking at me triumphantly

" Oh. Well I'm sorry to bother you Mr. Kane. I was just wondering"

" No problem. And please call me Patrick."

She beamed him a huge smile at him and started to fawn over him. A small part of me wanted to be jealous but I knew that he was coming home with me and that was all I needed to know. I heard a familiar voice behind me and I got up to give my mother a big hug.

" Hey sweetie. It's so good to see you."

" Hi mom."

I introduced the two of them and wasn't surprised to see Pat turn on the charm and and it worked. She immediately warmed up to him which I was glad for.

" So you are one of Adam's teammates right?"

" Yep, he actually introduced us."

My mom adored Adam and at one point had tried to talk us into going out but finally gave up after figuring out we were serious that we were just friends. I was really hoping that she wouldn't bring it up. She had a way of opening her mouth and saying inappropriate things at the worse times. Luckily for me she didn't this time. We ordered our lunch and had an enjoyable time chatting. After a little while it was time to go since we had to drive back to Chicago. She gave him a hug and whispered something in his ear that made him nod his head.

"I'm going to go get the car babe. I'll be right back."

I nodded my head and watched him walk out the door

" I think you got a good one there." My mom said as she looked at me

" Yeah I think so too." I smiled as I said it

" If you need anything call me. I'm not that far away."

" I know mom. Love You."

" Love you too sweets. Call me and let me know how everything is going."

" I will."

She gave me one last hug and told me that we better be careful driving since the weather was suppose to get a little rough. I looked out and saw Patrick in his suv waiting for me.

" I gotta go Mom. I'll call you later."

With that we parted and I left.

I opened the door and slid into the passanger seat. This was it. I was officially starting a new chapter in my life and it didn't scare me anymore.

" What did my mom say to you?" I asked because I was nosy and couldn't help myself

" Why are you jealous?" he asked in a teasing voice

" No but if you don't tell me it will drive me crazy."

" I guess you'll just have to go crazy then won't you."

" Come on tell me." I said trying not to whine

" Fine. We'll see how long it is before you get laid again."

" Whatever. There's no way you can resist my sexy body."

" We'll see." I mused

The drive didn't take long and we were finally home. We parked and went inside and both of us immediatly sat on the couch as it had been a long day. He reached over and tried to grab me but I scooted away and grabbed the remote. I turned on the tv and found a ducks game that was on center ice. I focused on the game and totally ignored him. He tried to get me over to him a few more times but seemed to give up. I felt like I had won but I should have known better. After we had sat in silence for a little while I announced that I was tired and going to bed. He just nodded his head and didn't seem to really pay attention. I washed my face and changed into a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt to get ready for bed. I laid down and tried to sleep but I couldn't. I heard some noise on the stairs and Patrick came in. He quickly stripped down and took his place next to me. I moved so I was against him and he turned on his side so his chest was against my back. He didn't say anything as he moved my hair and started to kiss my neck. I gritted my teeth as I tried not to react. I was doing a pretty good job of controlling myself when his hand started to wander over my side and down my stomach. I couldn't help myself. I turned slightly towards him so he could reach better. His hand slid down my stomach and into my shorts. His fingers slid into me and I groaned. I moved my hips against his hand and turned my head so I could kiss him. He kissed me and I could feel my orgasm building. Then without warning he stopped. I looked at him in surprise. He made a big show of stretching and yawning.

" I got an early practice tomorrow. I should really go to bed." He turned away from me on his side. All I could do is stare at his back in disbelief. Is this seriously happening?

" What the hell. You can't do that to me."

" Do what babe?" he asked turning to look at me.

" You can't turn me on like that and then not finish. It's not right."

" I thought you could go without sex."

I could tell by the look he was giving me that I was going to have to tell him something that I didn't want to say.

" If I tell you that I can't resist you will you finish what you started?" I asked with annoyance

" What was that? I couldn't hear you."

" I said I can't resist you, now get your ass over here and finish what you started." I practically growled at him

He did as I asked and moved over me. He looked at me before he moved his lips to mine. His kiss was slow and passionate and perfect. It didn't take long before things quickly got more heated. I saw a look of surprise on his face as I pushed him off of me and onto the bed. I straddled his legs and and leaned down so I could kiss his perfect lips. He pulled off my shirt and quickly unhooked my bra, pulling it off of me. His hands found my breast and gently started to knead them. I moaned into his mouth at the sensations that were coursing through me. I slid down his body and pulled his boxers off as I went. I moved back up his legs and positioned my self over his hips. He helped to guide himself inside of me and I shuddered as he filled me. I moved slowly at first.He grabbed at my hips to move me faster but I moved them away. I wanted to be in charge. He took the hint as he moved them back to my chest. Our moans intertwined as we moved together. That's when it happened. One of the most painful things that I had ever endured in my life. Talk about some shitty timing.

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