Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Redecorating is fun Chapter Chapter 11

I woke up to a empty bed the next morning. I stretched out and swore I smelled food cooking. My stomach growled and I decided to go see what was going on. I knew that I couldn't look or smell that great so I decided to take a quick shower before I headed down. I was putting my wet hair up when there was a knock at the door.

" Come in" I yelled as I pulled my hair into a tight bun.

His sister Jess poked her head in the room.

" Is it okay if I come in?" she asked

" Yeah come on in. I was just about to come down."

She opened the door wider and came in and sat on the bed. I wasn't exactly sure where this situation was going so I decided to wait for her to start the conversation.

" I'm sorry if we seem to be such bitches to you, it just after the last one that he dated we were kind of wary, you know what I mean?"

" Yeah I understand. They were dating when we met. She was one of the most horrible people that I have ever had to be around." I said making a face

" We didn't even refer to her by name. We would call her the skinny psych bitch when we weren't around Pat."

" Yeah that about sums it up." I agreed laughing

" Well I just wanted you to know that we don't think that of you. You seem good for Pat."

" Thanks Jess. That means a lot to me. I know how important his little sisters are to him." I said with a smile

" You should see him when we try to introduce guys to him. He actually told my last boyfriend that he had nineteen guys that would beat the shit out of him if he was anything other than a gentleman. It's annoying that he thinks he can have sex but we aren't suppose to know it exist."

" That's what big brothers do I guess."

" Yeah I know but it's still annoying. Anyway's mom sent me up here to let you know that breakfast is done if you want to eat."

" Yeah I could smell it. I'll be down in a minute."

" Oh just so you know, you might want to move the bed away from the wall. The headboard banging against it makes a lot of noise." She said with a grin before she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

Dammit. I was beyond embarrased. I knew that while we weren't exactly loud but I was really hoping that no one heard or paid any attention. I wouldn't be surprised if his mother hated me now. I was taking advantage of her little boy and no mother would appreciate that. I was tempted to just get back in bed and pull the covers over my head but I knew that wasn't an option. I took a breath and went downstairs to to the kitchen. I was pleasantly greeted by everyone and was handed a plate full of food. The morning went well and the time seemed to fly by as I spent time with his family. Right before noon we heard the door open and Patrick's voice yell

" Hey I'm home."

" we're in the living room." I yelled back to let him know where we were

" Hey what's everyone doing?" he asked as he threw his hockey bag on the floor next to the couch

" Nothing. Your sisters were just telling what it was like to grow up with a competitive brother. Did you really throw soccer balls at them if they didn't want to play with you?"

He shrugged his shoulders

" It's not like I didn't warn them."

" That is so mean!" I exclaimed

" Great now your going to be ganging up on me." he groaned

" Probably." I agreed with him.

Everyone laughed. He pulled me off of the couch by my hands and pulled me to him.

" I'm going to steal my girlfriend for a minute. We'll be right back."

They all nodded in agreement and he pulled me by the hand towards the stairs.

" Remember what I told you about the bed!" I heard Jess's voice yell at us

We went into his room and he closed the door behind us

" What did Jess tell you about the bed?" he asked as he turned around

I repeated what she had told me about the headboard and I was blushing fire engine red

" I guess we weren't that quiet then huh."

" I guess not."

He closed the distance between us quickly and I tried to back up

" Don't worry babe. That isn't why I brought you up here. " He said with a chuckle

" I've just been thinking about some stuff and I wanted to talk to you about it.

He did his usual routine of coming up to me and wrapping his arms around my waist. I returned the gesture and put my body against his so I could inhale his scent and listen to his heart beat. He kissed the top of my head and whispered something that made my heart almost beat out of my chest.

" I love you, you know that right." he said looking at me with a very serious look on his face

My face lit up in a huge smile and I let him tip my face up for a sweet gentle kiss. He looked at me with an expectant look on his face. I knew what he was expecting but I wanted to make him work for it.

" Thank You" I said trying not to grin

" That's it?"

" Umm yeah. That's it."

He turned me around and threw me on the bed. He fell on me and started to tickle me. I was extremly ticklish and it only took a few minutes for me to start yelling.

" Stop you jackass"

" Not until you say it." he said continuing to tickle me.

" Fine, fine. I love you. Now stop." I screeched

He let up and I tried to catch my breath.

"I mean it. I do love you.

" I never had any doubt."

He laid his body against mine and pulled on the neck of my tshirt. He laid gentle kisses on my collar bone and I lost all train of thought.

" Move in with me." he said looking at me

" What?" I said wanting to make sure that I heard him right

" Move in with me." he repeated looking at me intently

I pushed him off of me and jumped up and went for the door. Unfortuantly for me he was just as fast. He grabbed me by the arm.

" Don't run away. Talk to me."

I didn't know if I could verbalize everything that was running through my head at warp speed. But I knew that he deserved an explanation.

" I can't move down here with you." I told him as I looked at the floor

" Why not?" he said sounding hurt and just a little angry

" I don't know. I just can't okay."

I wiggled out of his grip and took a few steps back

" Babe. I'm sorry. I just don't understand.

How could I tell him that I wasn't sure that I was ready to give up my whole life to be with him.

I swallowed and tried to explain

" What happens if things don't work out? You aren't the one taking any risk. I'll be the one that's left with nothing"

" I realize that but sometimes the risk is worth the reward."

I blinked a few times and thought about what he said. And I knew that he was right.

" Okay. But I have somethings that you have to agree to first."

" Alright. Anything."

" First. I have to find a job before I come down here. Second I am keeping my apartment for a couple of months in case things don't work out. I don't want to end up homeless. Third, you will let me help pay for stuff, even if it is just some grocerries every week." I looked at him and waited for a response.

" I don't like the idea of you keeping your apartment but if that's what it takes to get you down here I'll deal."

I came to him and wrapped him in a hug

" Thanks for being understanding. I'm really not trying to be difficult."

" I know babe. That is one of many things that I love about you. We should go back downstairs so everyone doesn't wonder what is going on."

He put his hand in mine and we went downstairs. When we walked into the living room we found everyone's eyes move to us.

" Is everything okay?" his mother asked

" Yeah Mom, everything is fine."

He led me to the couch and pulled me down on his lap. I snuggled against him and thought about how much things were going to change for me. It scared the living shit out of me that I was the one who had to change everything but it wasn't like he had a normal job where he could relocate closer to me. I just had to have faith that everything would work its self out.

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