Friday, December 11, 2009

Everyone Loves A Party Chapter 16

So I am kinda getting bored and I feel like the story isn't really going anywhere as of right now so I've decided to move the story line ahead which I will make sure to explain so it doesn't get confusing.

I opened my eyes and for a second I didn't remember where I was. After my eyes focused I remembered that I was in Buffalo, more specifically in the room where Patrick had spent a large chunk of his childhood. I yawned and stretched as the door opened. Patrick jumped on the bed like a little kid.

" I'm glad to see your excited." I said laughing

" Are you kidding? I've been dreaming about this day since I was a little kid."

" I know and I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you."

" Thanks babe." he gave me a kiss and jumped back up

" We have to go to the airport in an hour to pick the cup up."

" I know. You've only reminded me a million times since we got here."

He bounced out of the room after reminding me to hurry up and get ready. I thought back to the last few months that brought us to today. I knew as a fan that the play-offs were intense but to experience as a significant other was a whole other ball game. We had our ups and downs because of the stress but we were able to work our way through it. They made their way through the Sharks, Kings and most importantly Detroit to make it to the Stanley cup finals against the Pens, just like I predicted earlier. I was able to go to all of the home games and they lived up to the hype that the media and hockey world gave it. In the end they ended up winning the Stanley cup at the United Center in front of the home crowd. I remember the guys celebrating at center ice and skating with the cup while I hugged Karri, Anna and all of the family members that were sitting around us. When we were finally able to go on the ice Patrick found us and I stood back as he hugged his family. He came to me last and pulled me into a tight hug.

" Congradulations babe. Love you." I whispered into his ear

" Love you too."

The rest of the night was a blur. Everyone was drinking champagne and celebrating and by the time we made our way back to Chicago everyone was completely gone. The city of Chicago threw a huge parade and there was a team party. After that everything settled down a little and all that was left to do was plan individual days with the cup. We both attended Adam's party, which he held in Madison and it was nice to be able to see people that I hadn't seen since I'd moved. Olivia and her family were finally able to meet Patrick and she loved him just as much as my mother did. We started to plan his day the week after they won and we flew into Buffalo the day before to make sure that everything was ready for today. I was brought out of my memories by a knock on the door. His sister Jackie poked her head in the door.

" Pat said that if you aren't ready in a half an hour he's leaving without you."

" I'm getting up right now." I huffed, dragging myself out of bed. I knew that I didn't have a lot of time so I quickly did what I needed to do. I slid the summer dress on that I had picked out earlier as I heard my name being called from across the house. I took one last look at myself and decided that I was presentable and went to find Patrick

" You look beautiful"

" Thank you. You don't look to bad yourself." I commented as I looked at his semi dressy choice of a polo and dress slacks.

We left to get to airport on time to get the cup and it's keeper. After that we were all going to Niagra Falls to take pictures, having a charity event where people who donated money were able to take a picture with the cup and a family party. It was looking to be quiet a crazy, busy day but I didn't care. This whole day wasn't about me, it was about Patrick and I was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that he enjoyed himself. We greeted the cup keeper at the airport and Patrick couldn't keep the grin off his face as he helped strap it into the back of his escalade.

We got back to the family house and we were off to the falls. We met with a photographer and we had alot of fun taking them. I thought it was very cute that Patrick insisted on getting a picture of all his "girls" with the cup. Afterwards we stopped for lunch at a little restaurant that they use to go to when the Pat was younger and the attention that the cup and Patrick got was insane. The rest of the day went well and really quickly. By the time the party came around I was exhausted. He had decided to cater in the food so his mother wouldn't have to worry about cooking or cleaning anything up. I met so many of his extended family that there is no way that I was going to remember everyone but they were all very nice. After everyone ate and congratulated him I went to sit on the couch to relax for a minute by myself. I laid my head back on the couch and closed my eyes for a minute. I heard someone come and sit down beside me. I cracked open my eyes to see Donna looking at me.

" Are you okay? Your looking a little pale and you didn't eat very much."

" Yeah I'm fine. I just haven't been sleeping the greatest and it's messing with my stomach a little."

" So your tired and sick to your stomach."

" Yeah, and I've been kind of headachy too. Maybe I have a slight flu bug."

She grabbed my hand and looked at me.

" When did you get your period last?"

The question caught me off guard

" I really don't get it. The most that I ever have to deal with is spotting sometimes. I've been on depo since I was eighteen."

I thought about what she was insinuating. It couldn't be possible could it?

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