Saturday, December 5, 2009

You Can't Please everyone Chapter 15

I was alone when I woke up the next morning but I wasn't surprised. I knew that today was going to be busy for Patrick and I wanted to disrupt him as little as possible. I went to get up and I bumped my wrist on the nightstand as I went to grab my phone and I was surprised when I felt a small jolt of pain. I looked at my wrist and saw some faint brusing.

" Shit" I muttered. With everything that had happened I didn't need people getting the wrong idea about Patrick. Well I was wearing the jersey that he had given me to the game later and the arms were so baggy that there was no way anyone would notice. I got up and went about my own routine. I wasn't quite sure when he would be home so I decided to surprise him by making him lunch. I found some pasta and chicken, the staple of any hockey players diet. I found everything that I needed to prepare a simple lunch. I had everything almost ready when I heard the door open and close. I smiled as I tasted the tomatoe sauce to make sure that it was hot. I felt a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around my waist.

" Hey how was practice?" I asked turning around so I could get my arms around his neck

" It seemed pretty good. The guys are pretty revved up for tonight."

" I bet. It should be a good game."

He mumbled his agreement as he kissed my neck.

" The food smells good. Let's eat while it's still hot."

I grabbed two plates and dished up the food and we ate. As we ate and talked he noticed the marks on my wrist

" Babe what's wrong with your wrist?" he asked me

" You do remember what happened last night right?"

It took a second but I could see that he had figured it out. He looked at me with a look of horror on his face

" I hurt you."

I wanted to reasure him when I saw how guilty he looked

" If you had been doing something that I didn't like I would have told you."

" Are you sure?" You aren't just saying that to make me feel better, are you?"

" Yes I'm sure and no I'm not. I wouldn't want sex like that all the time but it has it place and I'm not as breakable as I look."

He didn't exactly look convinced but he nodded his head. I took the dishes to the sink and decided that I would do them later. I knew that he would be laying down pretty quick so I ran upstairs and grabbed everything that I needed to get ready so I wouldn't have to bother him. I put everything in the bathroom and went back downstairs.

" I have everything I need out of the bedroom if you want to head upstairs for your nap"

"You could come with me if you want." he said giving me a look I had come to know well."

" I don't think that's a good idea. You need to stick to your routine."

He tried to pout but quickly saw that I wasn't going to budge. He went upstairs and laid down and I did a few chores that needed to be done. The time went by pretty quickly and I jumped in the shower to get ready. I threw on my jersey and the the braclet that Patrick had bought me what seemed like forever ago. When I was done I saw that it was about time for him to get up and get ready himself so I decided to see if he had woken up yet. I walked into the bedroom and saw that he hadn't woken up yet and he looked so young with his messy hair and arm thrown over his head. I sat on the bed and kissed him gently on the face. He moved his arm and opened his eyes and looked at me sleepily.

" Time to get up and get ready"

" Hmmkay"

He got ready as I waited downstairs and when he came down I had to admit that he looked good in his suit and tie. I straighted his tie a little bit and we left for the united center. As we were driving he told me that he arranged for me to sit in the box that his agent had rented for the game. I wasn't sure that I liked the idea but I didn't want to cause any trouble so I agreed. He went and signed a few autographs for some dedicated fans before we made our way inside. I wanted to say hi to the guys and wish them luck before the game. I made my way inside the locker room knowing that no one should be to naked yet. I quickly made my way around the room and it didn't take me long to get back to Patrick.

" Come on. We have to meet Pat."

He grabbed my hand and led me out of the room and down the hallway. I saw a man standing with someone who appeared to be Sidney Crosby. We waited until they were finished and he took me up to him and introduced us. He looked me up and down while he shook my hand and I felt like I was being sized up.

" We have to talk later about your schedule next week. I know that you wanted to take the week off but we need to get you back at it okay?"

" Yeah I know. I have to go get ready. I'll see you guys after the game."

I gave him a kiss and wished luck and I was left alone with Pat. He told me that we could head up to the box and I silently follewed him up to the box. I had never been in one of the luxury boxes before and I had to admit that I was impressed. He offered me a water and we took our seats. He didn't say anything but I could see him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I knew that as an agent it was his job to look out for his clients and I braced myself for any questions.

" So Pat tells me that he met you through Adam Burish."

" Yep. We've been friends for along time."

" So you understand what kind of commitment these guys have to put in outside of the rink."

" Yes I do. And I'm starting a new job on Monday so it's not like I don't have a life of my own."

" Good" he said with a look that almost looked like respect

He asked me about general stuff and it was almost like he was another father. He seemed satisfied with my all of my anwsers and soon enough the guys were on the ice to warm up. Tazer took the opening face-off against Crosby and lost it. The game was very physical and neither team wanted to give an inch. Pat seemed to be amused by all of the yelling that I did as different penalties were called and killed. Finally it came down to a shoot out as the score was tied at three a piece at the end. I started to bite my nails as the first Pens player lined up to take his shot. Huey stoned him and the crowd erupted. The first Hawk was Tazer and he wasn't able to bait Fleury into moving the opposite way. Crosby ended up scoring and Seabs got robbed by Marc so the Penguins ended up winning. The guys looked dejected as they skated off the ice as the Pens celebrated. I told Pat that I was going to go wait in the lounge and he told me that he would meet us in a little while. I started to make my way to the lounge and my phone rang. I had a text from Karri telling me that her and Anna would meet me after the crowd thinned out a little. I was sending her a text to let her know that was fine when I ran into something that almost knocked me completely on my ass. I felt a hand grab my arm. I looked up and saw a sweaty pens player holding onto me.

" You should really watch where your going." Said Max Talbot with a cute accented voice

" Sorry." I muttered as I shook out of his grip

" That's okay. I don't mind a pretty girl running into me." he said still standing close to me and grinning.

I didn't want to be rude but the way that he was looking me up and down was making me uncomfortable.

" You would look even better in one of our jerseys." he said still grinning at me

" Sorry but I think that my boyfriend wouldn't be very happy about that." I said trying not to sound as hostile as I felt

" So your dating one of the Hawks players. That's to bad. If you ever want to know what it's like to be with a man instead of a little boy look me up.

" I think that there is a good chance that I'll be seeing you sometime in June." I said with the upmost confidence

" I guess I'll see you around than. Tell Kane that he played a good game, unfortuantly for them we were better." With that he turned around and headed to the visitors locker room

" What an asshole" I muttered to myself. I heard voices behind me and turned around to see the girls heading towards me.

" What were you talking to Max Talbot for?" Karri asked me with raised eyebrows

I told her the story and they both laughed at me.

" It wasn't funny guys, he was a smug asshole."

" It wasn't that big of a deal. Let's go the guys are probably wondering where we are."

I followed them to the lounge and we found a place to sit. The guys finally started to come out and Pat found us while we were waiting. Everyone was almost gone and Pat asked me something that I had been hoping that he hadn't even payed attention to.

" If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your wrist?"

I couldn't help but turn ten shades of red and I considered telling him the truth but I couldn't bring myself to.

" I bumped it last night on the nightstand."

He eyed me and I knew that he didn't believe me.

" Look it isn't my buisness what you guys do in the privacy of your house but please remember that it is my job to protect my clients reputations and if the wrong person would see something like that they could interpret it any way that they wanted to and it probably wouldn't be good."

I nodded my head in understanding. The last thing that I wanted to do was cause any more problems or distractions.

Finally Patrick came out of the locker room. He didn't look happy but he wasn't as nearly as crabby as I would have thought. We discussed the situation with Tina and it was decided that we should avoid going out for awhile and hope that she would find someone else to harrass. They discussed some upcoming publicity commitments and then we were free to leave. We headed home. He was pretty quiet the whole drive and I let him know that I was there for him if he wanted to talk but I didn't push it. He sat on the couch and watched a replay of the game and analyzed everything that they did wrong and didn't acknowlede all of the good plays that they did make. I finally got annoyed after being basically ignored for almost two hours.

" I'm going to bed. Are you coming?"

" No I want to finish watching this." he said sounding snottier than I liked.

" Fine."

I went upstairs and tried to lay down. I knew he was a competitve guy but I really hoped that every loss wasn't going to be like this. Maybe I would have to talk to some of the other girls to see how they handled their men when they acted like this.

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