Sunday, December 20, 2009

possible new story and the continuation of this one.

I was thinking about starting a new story but I can't really figure out who I want to do it on. The only teams/players that I would absoluetly not do are the Capitals or the Flyers and any associated players for either team. Otherwise I'm pretty much open to any suggestions that anyone may want to throw out here. I will keep trying to update this one but frankly I feel like it's getting kind of boring and predictable and since I've just broken up with my long time boyfriend it's safe to say that I really have no inspiration right now. Thanks for staying with me this far. I appreciate it more than any of you could possibly understand.

1 comment:

  1. well may i make some unique and not so unique suggestions?

    - Colby Armstrong ( ATLANTA THRASHERS )
    - Staal (ANY)
    - Evgeni Malkin
    - Sidney Crosby

    i totally undrstand getting bord. and the lack of inspiration