Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sex is not the enemy chapter 3

I woke up the next morning with a headache. The spot next to me was empty and I couldn't help but wonder where Sharpie was. I flipped onto my back and stretched, feeling the soreness in my muscles from the night before. I heard what sounded like my phone ringing and I scrambled out of the covers to try to find it. I flipped it open without looking and groaned at the voice that I heard.

"Hey Mel. Just wondering what you were up to this morning?" he asked in a way to cheerful voice

" I have no idea. I'm not even sure where Sharpie is and I have no idea how akward it's going to be.'

" I wouldn't worry about that." he chuckled

" Um why would you say that?" I asked, my curiousity instantly piqued

" I'll just say that he called me earlier and he had nothing but good things to say about you"

I covered my face and groaned again. I could just imagine what he had told him

" Don't worry. He didn't go into gory detail. He just told me that you both had a really good time last night and that I shouldn't worry about you"

" Yeah I'm sure that was all he told you"

" He did say that he was going to get crap from the guys when they saw him shirtless. Care to elaborate on that?"

I blushed as I thought about the nail and teeth marks that I had to have left in his skin. The guys were going to think I was some puckbunny with some seriously kinky habits.

" I'm sure you'll figure it out" I said with a sigh.

" Okay. So I hope you don't mind but since Sharpie left his car at the bar last night and and you were planning to come with me to practice anyways so I figured I could come pick you guys up at one?"

" Whatever works for you guys."

" Alright I'll see you in a little while."

I hung up my phone and I noticed a small pile of clothes that were on a chair that was in the corner of the room with a piece of paper on top. I got up to look and found a note from Sharp.

Hey I had no food in the house so I went out to get us something to eat. I put out a tshirt and a pair of sweats if you want to shower and change while you wait. See ya in a few. Patrick.

I had to laugh as I held up the shirt and saw that it was a blackhawks shirt with his name and number on it. I grabbed everything and found his bathroom where I quickly showered and threw on the clothes that I had found. When I got out I was a little chilled from my wet hair so I dug through his closet and found a sweatshirt that matched the tshirt. I threw it on and headed downstairs.

I obviously hadn't really paid attention to the layout of the house so I used my noise to lead me to the kitchen. I walked in and found Sharpie setting several large containers onto the counter.

I admired the fantastic ass that was incased in his jeans for a minute before I cleared my throat to get his attention. He turned around, and for what seemed like the millionth time I felt my knees buckle as he smiled at me.

" Hey beautiful"

I was surprised when he took the several steps between us and tilted my chin up to give me a soft yet hot kiss.

" Morning Sharpie"

" I didn't know what you would want to eat so I got a little bit of everything. Hope that's okay

" Perfect"

He was a gentleman, asking me what I wanted and putting it all on a plate for me. We ate and made small talk for a little while. I really wanted to ask him something but I didn't want to ruin the day or make things akward. I must have been looking at him pretty intently caused he asked me there was something on his face. I grabbed him by the chin and told him face was fine and procceded to tease him by placing light kisses from his jaw to the crook of his neck. He moaned softly before pushing me away

" We need to talk" He said looking at me with a serious look

I sat back in the chair and waited for what he had to tell me.

' You are a beautiful girl and last night was amazing but I just got out of a long term relationship a month ago and I'm not looking to jump into another one right now."

He looked at me with worry in his eyes, like he was waiting for me to freak out. You should have seen the look of shock on his face at my reaction

" I'm not either"

" Really. You just seem like the relationship type."

" Not really. I've only seriously dated two guys and they both ended really badly and besides I'm so busy with work that I wouldn't have time if I wanted to."

I slid off of my chair and went to where he was sitting and I crawled into his lap.

" How does this sound. Last night was fantastic and since we both agree that a relationship isn't something we want I think that we should just have fun.

" Meaning what?"

" That we can be each others booty calls when we need it."

His eyes went wide with shock and I couldn't help but grin. Most men were extremly surprised that I was so forward when it came to sex. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed behind his ear. I could feel him getting hard under me and I knew what my answer was going to be before he said anything. He picked me up and ravished me for the second time in less than twenty four hours. A little while later we laid in bed eating the breakfast that we had forgotten about before. I got some of the hashbrowns on my fork and put them into his waiting mouth.

" We should really get up and shower before Adam shows up." I commented even though I didn't move an inch.

" Yeah probably. Wouldn't want him seeing that gorgeous body of yours naked. He might try to steal you away."

" I don't think that is going to happen."

I put down my container of food and looked at Sharpie's neck and shoulders. I knew that he had several long angry looking scratches that ran from the top of his shoulder blades all the way down his back and three perfect imprints of my teeth that were bruised on the top of his shoulders. I ran my fingers lightly over them and felt bad. I apologized for the thousandth time.

" Don't worry about it. You didn't hear me protesting did you? And besides it's not like I didn't return the favor. "

My hand immediatly went to my neck where several hickeys were freshly formed. It made my body tingle just thinking about the things he had done to put them there. We finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed and into the shower. I was pulling my sweatshirt back on when I heard the doorbell ring. I heard faint voices and then my name being yelled from down the staircase.

" I bounded down the stairs and threw myself at a waiting Burish. He gave me a quick hug and we got in his rover and left for the arena. When we got to the Arena I followed the guys into the locker room so I could say hi to a couple of the guys. My neck was itchy from the sweatshirt rubbing on it and Adam was looking at me when I pulled it down to get at my skin.

" Damn girl, thats pretty bad."

Bur was wearing a tshirt since it was just practice and I spied the edge of some bruising on his neck. I pulled down his t-shirt to get a better look. It wasn't that big or dark but it was most definitly a hickey.

" You should talk Bur. Did you even get the lucky Puckbunnies name."

Actually yeah and the amazing thing was that she actually had no idea who I was and she doesn't fit the type that I usually mess with at all. I actually had a conversation with her this morning."

I was amazed by the look on his face. It was an interesting combination of horror and lust. It dawned on me that he might actually like this one. I patted him reassuringly on his arm and we went to Sharpie.

" Hey Sharpie, Adam's in love" I yelled making sure that everyone heard me.

There was alot of hooting and hollaring from the guys, especially when Adam started to protest loudly. I knew that eventually I would pay for it but it was worth it to see him on the receiving end of the ribbing for once. The guys were going about their routines and it was almost like they forgot I was there. I figured that since Tina was around that it would be a good time to talk to Kaner about what happened.

" Hey Kaner" I said as I tried to nonchalantly walk over to his stall.

" Hey" he replied looking tired and sounding really listless

" Must've been a long night huh?"

I sat on the bench next to him and tried to get him to smile. He didn't reply so I decided to try my attempt at a lame joke.

" come on, it can't be that bad. Buy her an expensive gift and she will forget anything happened."

I looked at him expecting to at least see a hint of a smile but instead he had a look on his face like he had just sucked on a lemon. Shit that was not what I wanted.

" Um I guess I'll let you get ready." I mumbled tryimg to not look like I was running away, when in reality that was exactly what I was doing. I made my way to the stands and who did I see but the three bimbo's that were with some other girls who I would imagine were there " friends'

I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing how much the bothered me so I sat two rows down from where they were. Practice started and it was interesting to watch. You could tell that the guys were focused yet they were also having fun. My eyes were drawn to Kaner as he skated around and shot at the net. It must have been more noticable then I thought because I heard a familiar voice behind me.

" See that girl down there" Tina's voice rang in my ears " Last night at the club she was so desperate to get laid that she went after Kaner and when he rejected her she went after Sharpie. She had to beg him to take her home with him. It was really sad."

I really didn't want to give the bitch the satisfaction of acknowledging that I had heard her but my temper was getting the best of me and I reacted. I got out of my seat and went to where she was sitting. I leaned over a girl that was sitting on the end on put my face right in hers

" Listen up you little bitch. Your boyfriend was going to kiss me, not the other way around and if I wanted him there isn't shit you could do about it. I suggest you shut your mouth cause if I hear you talking anymore shit about me I'm going to bust your face. Do you understand me?"

She nodded her head and you could see the fear in her eyes. I straighted up and looked back to the ice. Apparently I had been a little louder then I realized cause all of the guys were standing at center ice staring at the both of us. Even though I had met what I said I was embarressed by the attention and I took off for the locker room. Behind me I could hear Tina sobbing and I had to admit that I didn't feel the least bit bad about it. I went to the locker room and found Adam's keys so I could sit in his suv. I got in and started it and text Adam to let him know where I went so he wouldn't worry. Fifteen minutes I got a text letting me know that he was going to leave early. My phone beeped again and I flipped it open to find a text from a number I didn't recognize.

" Why the fuck did you threaten to beat my girlfriend up? she's crying because of you"

It pissed me off for some reason that he would be angry with me without hearing my side of the story and I felt the need to explain myself.

" She was talking shit. Pissed me off. Basically called me a whore even thou you were gonna kiss me not the other way around."

" Really?"

" Yeah"

I didn't get a reply back for almost fifteen minutes and finally my phone rang. I anwsered it after a few rings.

" Hello?"

" Hey it's Patrick'

I felt emotionally and mentally exhausted from the whole ordeal and I cut right to the chase.

" Why did you call me? Because I haven't dealt with enough abuse already?"

" I talked to Tina and she admitted that she said those things about you. I'm sorry for being angry with you.'

With his apology I felt my anger fading.

" It's okay. I'm sorry that I threatened to bust her face. I shouldn't have let my temper get the best of me.

" I can't say I blame you. I told her that you are Adam's friend and that it would make everyone's life easier if she would lay off and be nice."

" Thanks Kaner." I sighed with relief. " I promise that as long as she tries that I can do the same."

" Good cause I would really like to be friends if you think that is possible."

" Yeah I would like that as long as it doesn't get either of us in trouble."

" Yeah, no more drunken dancing for either of us" he said with a chuckle

" Definitly"

All of a sudden the line went silent and akward and I wasn't sure if the conversation was done or not. I was surprised by what came out of his mouth next.

" So are you and Sharpie a couple now?"

I didn't really think it was his business but again I found myself feeling the need to explain myself to him.

" We decided that we are two single adults that have needs and that as long as we stay single that we might as well get what we need from each other instead of strangers. Not that it is any of your buisness."

" No your right, I'm sorry. I really should get going. I'll talk to you later?"

" Sure"

" Okay bye"

I heard the phone quickly click in my ear and the only logical conclusion is that Tina didn't know that he was talking to me. I let out another long sigh and put my head against the cool window to try to ease the tension headache that I could feel growing in the middle of my forehead. Adam came out a little while later and after dropping Sharpie at his car we headed back to his house. The ride was pretty silent and I could see the concern in Adams eyes. I was glad that he didn't push and when we got back the first thing that I did was plop on the couch. Adam knew me enough to know that something was wrong so he brought me some asprin, water and ordered my favorite chinese.

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  1. I laughed when Mel found the tshirt with Sharpie's name on it. For some reason in my head I could see him narrating (like he does in the Blackhawks pick on a team mate videos) "Mmm... this will do nicely, got to make sure the girl is marked in some way, can't have her thinking she can just have any old t-shirt..."

    On the plus side - Adam seems like such a nice caring friend...