Sunday, September 6, 2009

The scene chapter 2

I went and found my seat with the help of an usher. It was one of the best seats that I have ever had, right behind the hawks bench. I sat and got my camera out so I could take some pictures of the guys warming up. They finally came out and I waved at Adam as he skated by. He smiled and waved but quickly refocused on the game. I got several really good pictures of Bur, Sharpie and Tazer shooting pucks as Nikolai Khalibulin. I almost squeeled like a hormonal teenager as Joe Thornton skated by. I was a huge fan from his years as a bruin and he was one of my first hockey crushes. I kept on taking pictures and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone take the seat next to me.

" So a Burish fan huh?" I heard a male voice ask me.

I turned to find a older man looking at my jersey.

" Yeah. We went to college together actually"

" Thats neat. Is he really as funny as he seems?"

" Yep. What you see is what you get with him"

" My name is Bob, Bob Finnigan. It's nice to meet you"
"My name is mel and it is nice to meet you too"
We talked for a few minutes before we finally turned our attention to the ice as the first puck was dropped. It was a great game, you could tell that both teams really wanted to win but at the end of sixty minutes the hawks had come out with the win four to three. I waited for the united center to clear out a little before I headed down to the locker room. I figured that the guys would still be getting showered and changed so I found the family lounge to wait. The first thing I saw when I walked in was three girls that were sitting together on one on three couches. I could tell what they were from a mile away. I figured out a long time ago that there had to be somekind of puckbunny manuel that was handed out to these girls. All three could have been clones for the stereotypical girls that hung around looking to score a hockey player. All of them were bleach blond and so thin that it looked physically painful. I decided instantly that I wanted nothing to do with these girls so I sat on the couch in the corner that was the farthest away from them. I could feel their eyes on me and I tried to not let it bother me. To occupy myself I got out my camera and started to click through the pictures. As I was doing this I couldn't help to overhear the conversation that had started up when they had decided that I wasn't important.

" I hate that Pat has to be on the road all the time." The first one I had already designated as barbie A whinned

' Yeah but it makes it so much easier to get money and presents out of them with the guilt trip" Barbie B chimed in

" That's true, but still would it kill them to pay us more attention. Not that spending all of there money is rough" said the third with a laugh.

Ugg these girls made me want to puke. I would never understand what these guys see in these girls. They were just using them for their money and status and couldn't give a shit less about the person they were suppose to love. I was tempted to say something, but I managed to bite my tongue, which for me took a lot of willpower. Finally my saviour walked through the door followed closely by Sharpie.

" Hi Adam, Hi Sharpie" the girls greeted them, their voices sounding so fake that it would make the worst sounding actor win an oscar.

" Hey girls. Tina, Kaner should be out in a few. There were a lot of media tonight."

" Okay" she replied with a pout on her face.

We went out to the lot and I climbed in the car to wait while Bur signed a few autographs. I was most definitely ready to have those drink. We went back to his house so we could both change and then we left for a club called level. On the car ride over I couldn't help but ask about the girls from earlier.
" So Bur, what was up with the girls that were waiting in the lounge tonight?"

" You mean Tina, Lauri and Alexa?"
" I guess."

" They are Kaner's, Dunc's, and Buf's girlfriends respectivly and yes they are the money grubbing puck sluts that they seem."

I couldn't help but laugh as he read my mind.

" No shit. How can these guys not tell?" I asked, genuinly not getting it
" Oh believe me they can but from what I hear they are all fantastic lays"

I rolled my eyes at this statment.
" And lord knows that's what is important." I said sarcastically

I was already sick of talking about these stupid girls so I changed the subject back to the game. We got to his house and quickly changed and headed out. We got to the club and headed right past the line. Adam led me to the vip area where we found several of the guys already waiting with their fan clubs. I sat down in the empty space besides sharpie.

" Hey Sexy. You look fantastic."

My brain went to mush as he smiled at me and all I could concentrate on was how close this gorgeous man was to me. We started to drink and a little while later I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to find Adam standing next to Kane who was in the vice like grip of his girlfriend.

" Mel you two didn't get properly introduced earlier. This is kaner and that is his girlfriend Tina"
We greeted each other and I didn't think it was possible but tina's grip got even tighter. That poor boy was going to end up with some serious bruises if she didn't ease up. She gave me a fake smile and I wanted to call her on it but the look in Adam's eyes was telling me to play nice so I decided to do just that. We went to the bar and started to drink shots with everyone. After a few I felt like dancing so I grabbed Tazer and lead him to the dance floor. Sharpie was next and I had a lot of fun dancing and flirting. After a few more songs I decided that I didn't want my buzz wearing off so we went back to the couches and started to drink some more. I wasn't feeling any pain as I sat next to Kaner and handed him one of the shots that I had bought.

Here you go birthday boy' I said

" Thanks." he replied with a grin that I couldn't deny was sexy

" No problem. Here's to being another year older and wiser."

We clinked our glasses together and drank. I knew it was none of my business but I couldn't help but ask where Tina was.

" I think she went to the bathroom or something. I'm really not sure"

" I think that you should come dance with me"

" hmm I don't dance"

" Oh come on don't be such a wimp"

I knew that men, especially professional athletes, hated having their manhood called into question so that was all it took to get him on his feet and following me. I grabbed his hand so I could lead him through the crowd of people and when we got somewhere near the middle I turned around. I put his hands on my hips and put my arms around his neck and started to sway.

" See. This isn't that bad is it" I yelled over the music.

" Nope not bad at all" he yelled back in my ear.

I could feel his hot breath on my skin and I can't deny that I flushed from the top of my head to my toes when I felt him pull me closer to him. I knew that I would't be doing this if it wasn't for the alcohol but I couldn't seem to stop myself. I looked up at him and saw him leaning towards me, like he was planning on kissing me. I tensed up at the expectation but was abruptly pushed away. I almost fell over and I turned around to see Tina barreling at us like a rocket that just had gotten launched. Oh shit I thought to myself. This isn't going to be good. She came over to where we were and started to scream. Luckily for me most of her rage was aimed at Patrick. I tried to get away but since she was making a scene people had gathered around, effectivly blocking any escape route. I was standing there when her rage finally turned on me.

" Look here you stupid slut, Kane is mine and I am not going to let some old bitch steal him away from me after all of the work that I put into this relationship. My first and only thought was

Oh hell no this stupid jersey chaser did not just call me old and a slut.

I went to lunge at her with the intention of busting the Bitches face but I never got the chance. I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and lift me off the ground.

" Let go of me" I screamed as I struggled to get away.
" Kaner, take her home and deal with this in a more private setting" the same voice commanded.

Kaner gave me a look like he was trying to apologize and he followed her out of the club at breakneck speed. I struggled against the arms for a few more seconds before I finally went limp. "Can you stand up?" I nodded my head and the arms set me on the floor. I turned around and saw Sharpie looking at me with a worried look on his face. I tried not to think about what had just happened and what it could possibly mean. Instead I did the only logical thing that my drunk brain could thing of. I pulled Sharpie down to me and crushed my lips to his. It only took a few seconds for me to feel his tongue on my lips and I gladly granted him access. I knew that what I was doing was probably making me look like a whore but I didn't care. We finally broke the kiss long enough to breath and I was finally able to make my request.
" Let's get out of here" I whispered into his ear, sucking on the sensitive skin of his neck. I felt a jolt go through my body as he moaned softly and responded by grabbing my hand and almost running to get our jackets. We were both to drunk to drive so we decided to get a cab instead. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the crook of my neck in my favorite spot while we waited and I felt like my body was on fire. It took all of my will power to not let out a large moan as his hands roamed up and under my jacket. The cab finally came and we were able to leave. He threw a fifty dollar bill at the cabdriver so we wouldn't have to mess with it later and gave him the adress. It was only a fifteen minute ride but we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. When we got to his apartment the cab driver gave us a knowing smile and wished us a good night. We literally ran to the elevator and made out the whole way up to his floor. We finally got to his door and he didn't even let the door close all the way before he crushed me up against it. Since I was so much shorter then he was he picked me up to even us out. My arms went to the back of his neck and my legs made their way around his waist. He held me like I weighed nothing and used one hand to take off my jacket. Once I shrugged it off his hand found their way up my shirt and his mouth started to attack my neck again. There wasn't really anything that I could do so I leaned back against the door and enjoyed the sensations that were coursing through my body. Finally I couldn't take anymore.
' Sharpie, Stop." I managed to get out breathlessly.
He stopped what he was doing and looked at me with concern in his eyes. He gently put me down and stepped away.
I responded by taking my shirt off. At this point he looked confused.
" I only wanted you to stop because I couldn't get anything off of you or me and we have way to many clothes on for my liking"
His eyes got bright and he closed the distance between us. He helped me take off his sweatshirt and tshirt and I was fascinated by all of the muscles that I saw. I lightly scratched my nails From his pecs down his abs and I enjoyed the way they twitched under my fingers.
He didn't say another word as he picked me up again and carried me to his bedroom.
He quickly stripped off the rest of our clothes and I wrapped my arms around his neck so I could get at his lips. He responded when I gently bite his lower lip with a loud moan that I matched with my own as his hands began to wander over my body. He settled himself in between my legs and nudged them open wider to accomidate him.
" Are you sure about this?" he asked me, surprising me
" Please I need you inside of me" I practically begged
He entered me slowly so I could adjust to his size and when he was fully inside he didn't move right away. He just leaned over so he could kiss me. I finally had enough and I started to bring my hips up to let him know that I was more than ready. He started to move, slowly at first but upping the tempo at my pleading. Our moans mingled as our our orgasims neared. I could feel myself near the edge he pounded into me at just the right angle to bring me over it. I dug my nails into his back and bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming as my body tensed. A few minutes later he gasped my name as he came. He collapsed on me, both of our breathing coming out in ragged gasp. We didn't say anything as our heartrates returned to normal. He just laid there planting gentle kisses on my neck and collarbone and I gently rubbed my nails up and down his back. Finally he pushed his way off of me and laid on his side. He pulled me against him and I buried my face into his chest. I fell asleep in that position.

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  1. Wow that second part was hot. And I can see Kaner having a girlfriend who keeps him under the thumb.