Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everything Changes Chapter 21

I pulled on the tape that was holding the iv in place on my hand. I had been instructed to lay on my left side so when I heard the knock at the door I had to crane my neck to see who it was. It was one of the nurses who had tended to me since I was admitted the night before.

" It looks like we finally got the contractions stopped but we'd like to observe you at least one more day.

I nodded my head and went back to picking at the tape.

" You have a visitor waiting at the desk." she said hesitantly

" Who is it?"

" Adam Burish"

" Okay"

Needless to say the nurse was surprised. I had made it very clear after they got me stabalized that no one was to be allowed in my room other than the doctor and nurses. I needed some anwsers from someone and I figured that out of everyone he was the most likely to be honest with me. He came in and sat on the bed beside me. He pulled me up and into a bear hug. It felt nice to have a pair of familiar arms around me, even if they weren't the ones that I wanted.

" Patrick called me last night. I was so worried and then Pat called to say that you kicked him out and told the doctors not to tell him anything. What the hell happened?"

I told him everything that had happened leading up to me getting hospitalized.

" The doctor's figure that the stress of what happened made me go into premature labor. They had to give me iv medication to stop it and luckily it worked."

I tried not to get upset. It was what had gotten me here in the first place but I couldn't help it. I had always thought that people were being melodramatic when they talked about their hearts being ripped out of their chest, but now, now I knew exactly what those people were talking about. It wasn't visable to anyone else but I could feel the huge gaping hole in my chest where my heart was suppose to be. I pulled away from him so I could look in his eyes.

" Has it ever happened before? Him with other girls?"

" No. Not that I know off and I'm pretty sure that I would have heard something from someone."

" Would you have told me if you had heard something?"

He didn't say anything and I knew my anwser without him saying a word. Sure I was his friend but Patrick was his teammate and messing with the life of one of your top scorers isn't very good for winning games.

" Just leave Adam." I tried to push him off of the bed but he was stronger than me and wouldn't budge

" I know that you are pissed off right now and I can't blame you but I'm not going to let you deal with this by yourself. You need someone and more importantly that baby needs someone and I've always been there for you before."

He grabbed my hand and I let him hold it as I cried. He had been a constant source of strength in my life for so long that I couldn't let him go on top of everything else. I knew that no matter what my future held he would always be there to make me laugh, to give me advice even if I didn't want to hear it and just listen to me if I needed it. No matter what I decided to do with my life from this point on I knew that he would be there and that gave me a small measure of comfort despite everything.


  1. ok i HAVE to know what hppens...and I know that is alot considering there were already two updates I read today...

    loved the update...keep it up

  2. This line kind of knocked me off my feet: "It wasn't visable to anyone else but I could feel the huge gaping hole in my chest where my heart was suppose to be." You made me feel that, too. Amazing :)