Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feel Like I Have To Apologize

So about the last post. I had a meltdown yesterday. I mean a complete utter meltdown that at one point included sitting in my car for an hour crying after I got sent home from work for freaking out badly. The worst part is that the manager that yelled at me and sent me home is someone that I really like and respect so I know that I was being stupid because she has never had to do that in the year that I have worked there and she tells me all of the time that I am one of her favorite people to work with. I know that the problem isn't this story and people not commenting and it isn't the people that I work with but in all honesty it's me. I am trying to adjust to being a single parent and being responsible for everything since his father left me a little over two months ago and I think that it's pretty safe to say that I am not doing a very good job of it. I just feel like I've lost control over my life and I hate it and even moreso I hate myself for not being strong enough to deal with it. I am giving some serious thought to talking to a psychologist and maybe even being put on some medication because of the depression and severe mood swings that I have been experiencing. Anyway I am trying to say that I am sorry and that I do intend to continue with this and my other story but honestly I can't make any promises as to when that may happen but this is one of the few things that are keeping me from going completely nuts right now so I think that it will be sooner rather than later. Sorry for dumping all of my problems on you guys but I just wanted you to understand where I was coming from.


  1. It's okay. We all have our bad days .
    Everyone's human, everyonce in a while either teh shit hits the fan or it all falls on our shoulders...
    at times we all feel like Atlas with the world on our shoulders

  2. It's perfectly understandable. I'm sorry I didn't comment though, I haven't had internet for the past couple of days and I've only been able to post my story when I take it to the library on a USB.
    I hope things get better. I understand where you're coming from though because my life has been kind of crappy lately and writing my story is one of my vices. If you want to talk you can email me.

  3. everyone has days like that... i do hope everything gets better for you you soon...

    writing is a great way to run away

    cant wait to see what happens next