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To Tired To Think Of A Name Chapter 29

Thanks for the emails and comments. They really did help alot. I still haven't fully decided what I'm going to do yet but I think that I am going to go one chapter at a time after this one and see what happens. If I still feel like I'm forcing it to much than I will have to make a decision about what to do. One thing that I love about the blogging community is that even though most of us will never know each other in real life, you guys will take the time to be supportive of me and each other and I think that's amazing. Anyway's here is the latest update. Hope you enjoy and comments pretty please?

Everything seemed to go back to some semblance of normal in the weeks that followed. I don't think that Anna and I would ever be as close as we had been before but I was happy to have her in my life in any way that was possible. I still felt like a piece was missing, I just couldn't figure out what it was. It took getting a call from my old co-worker Olivia to make me realize what it was. We chatted for a little while and got caught up on what had been going on with our lifes.

" So have you went back to work yet?" she asked

" No not yet." I admitted feeling slightly useless

" I know that it's important job being a mother and it's not like you need the money but you were damn good at being a nurse and that had to be hard to give up."

" Yeah it was hard to give up. I never wanted to live off of Patrick's money but that's exactly what ended up happening."

" Sweetie this isn't about money. I just believe that you should be able to have a life outside of your family. If you don't than you might end up resenting him down the road and that won't end well."

I knew that she was right. It finally dawned on me what I was missing. I loved Patrick and Aj but ever since I had quit my job the only people that I associated with were people that had to do with his world. I missed being able to meet and help new people everyday and I missed the bond that you can only get when you work besides someone.

" I don't know how Patrick will feel about me wanting to go back to work."

" He seems like a reasonable young man. Just let him know how you feel and I'm sure that it will be fine."

I wasn't sure about that but I knew that I owed it to myself to try. I went about the rest of my day and when I had a little while to myself I got on the internet and did some searching. I found a few things that looked interesting and more importantly they were part time, which was something that was important to me. I wanted to be able to balance my life and work and I didn't see that happening if I jumped back into full time work. I was trying to get laundry done when he got back from practice. He came in and found me and greeted me. I wasn't sure how to bring up what was on my mind but I ended up not having to.

" Are you planning on telling me what's on your mind or are you going to make me guess?" he asked giving me a smile

" Am I that easy to read?" I asked him already knowing what the anwser would be

" Yes, now what's going on? You aren't planning on leaving me are you?" He tried to play it off like he was joking but I could tell that he was a little worried

" Nothing like that babe. It's just that I was talking with Olivia today and it made me realize how much I missed working."

" So are you trying to tell me that you want to go back to work?"

I couldn't figure out the tone of his voice so I bit my lip and nodded.

" But it will only be part time though." I added quickly

" That's fine. I always figured you'd want to go back at some point."

I expected him to argue or throw a fit and when he was so calm about it it threw me off.

" That's it?"

He just looked at me like I was handicapped or something

" Um yeah that's it. "

I should have just left it alone but I couldn't do it.

" Aren't you mad?"

He came and took the shirt out of my hands and put his hands on either side of me so I had to look at him.

" Babe I'm not mad. I never expected you to become some leave it to beaver house wife. If going back to work is what makes you happy then I'll support you. I know that you will figure out how to balance everything."

I grabbed a fistful of his shirt so I could pull him closer to me.

" Thanks for being so understanding."

" Your welcome." he leaned over and started to kiss my neck

" Is the baby down for his nap?" he whispered in my ear

" Yeah. Ten minutes ago." I said in a slightly high pitched voice

I could feel him smile against my skin.

" Good we should have some time than."

He grabbed me by the ass and lifted me up onto the dryer that I had been leaning against. I wrapped my legs around his waist to get him as close as possible to me as he leaned over and started to attack my neck again with his lips. His hand crept under my shirt and started to stroke my breast through the lacy fabric of my bra. I wasted no time getting stripped down to nothing and Patrick quickly followed suit. He grabbed me underneath the knees and slid me forward and my hands gripped the edge of the dryer. He slid into me slowly and I leaned back as the sensations started to course through my body. I let him know just how much I was enjoying it by the noises that I was making. His mouth caught mine in a kiss that stifled my moans as he moved in and out of me at a faster pace and I could feel my muscles tighten around him as my orgasm came closer. It washed over me all of a sudden and my whole body tensed as I moaned his name. Almost fifteen minutes later he came with a shudder.

" Love you babe." he whispered into my ear

" Love you too." I whispered back

He finally let go of me and we both slid our clothes back on. He had a game later that night and still had to lie down for his own nap. I didn't want to break his routine anymore than we already had so I left him alone as I went to check on AJ and shower since I felt all sweaty and gross after our encouter in the laundry room. I peeked into the bedroom and grinned when I saw him already passed out on the bed. I thought about crawling into bed with him to take a nap but I didn't want to disturb him since I had already thrown off his game day routine off and I didn't want to deal with him cranky if he didn't play well. I went downstairs and tried to finish the laundry that I had started before he came home. I kept myself busy and then started an early dinner which was the normal hockey players diet of pasta chicken and broccoli. I heated up a bottle and went to wake my boys up. I gave AJ his bottle and Patrick came down and quickly ate and then went to get ready since the game was a little earlier than normal. I was debating on whether or not I was going to go and the fact that AJ was in a good mood made me decide to go. I got us both ready and we left with Patrick even though it would be kind of early since I wanted to see the guys for a few minutes before they started to get ready. I went around the room so that the guys could say hello to the baby. I smiled as he giggled and played with a puck that seabs had given him. The last person that I saw before Patrick was Burs and when we walked up to him he was flexing his leg with a slight grimace of pain on his face. It was the same leg that he had to have surgery on not once but twice in the past and I was concerned.

" Is your knee bothering you again?" I asked as I sat down on the bench next to him

" A little. I think that I tweaked it a little at practice this morning." he admitted as he put his foot back on the ground

" You know that you have to be careful. It would be really easy to reinjure it since you've had surgery on it once already." I admonished

" Yes mother I know and if it gets any worse I'll get it checked out okay?" he said with a grin

" You better or I'll kick your ass." I said as I got up and kissed his cheek and went to Patrick so AJ could see him and I could wish him luck before we went to our seats. I met Anna and Karri at our usual spot and we all went down to our seats. The game started and we cheered as the guys started play against a really hot Avalanche team. It was almost the end of the first period when I saw Adam come onto the ice with his linemates. I held my breath as they got control of the puck and brought it up the ice. Adam was forced to the outside and he went to pass the puck. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come flying in and Adam fell to the ice as whoever it was checked him into the boards. It was like I was watching what was going on in slow motion as he fell, clutching at the knee that he had been complaining about only a little while before. I gave the baby to Anna who took him without a word. I grabbed Karri's hand and we pretty much ran in the direction of the lockerrooms. I knew that it would take a few minutes to get him up and off of the ice but I wanted to be there when they brought him in. I wouldn't be alright until I made sure that my best friend was okay.

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  1. Ok this post did not seem forced at all. I think it was really really good.

    "I never expected you to become some leave it to beaver house wife."
    I'm glad he was so understanding and this line really cracked me up. I think it says a lot that she would want to go back to work, but I know that I wouldn't be able to be cooped up in a house all day either! I actually look forward to going to work...most of the time. But the people I work with are awesome and so are the kids...again most of the time.

    I hope Burs is ok! I hate when players get injured.

    I'm also really happy that she made up with Anna but I totally get that their relationship changed, that is to be expected!