Friday, April 30, 2010

Just to clarify

I have had a horrible case of bronchitis the last couple of weeks and the medication that I have been taking to just be able to get through a day has left me really out of it for the most part so I just want to explain a few things that I maybe didn't do the best job of conveying over the last couple of chapters. First of all the girl that showed up at the door is suppose to be his little sister, Nikki Burish. Yes she really does exist and I tried to write it where she doesn't like Mel because she has always felt like she knew about Adam's feelings but didn't care and was taking advantage of them. Second the dynamics of their relationship. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that Adam did have romantic feelings for Mel at one point in their relationship but eventually it changed into more of a platonic form of love since it was never reciprocated by Mel. The reason that Mel kissed him wasn't because she had romantic feelings for him but I think that she had to wonder about what might have been and I know from personal experience that that kind of thinking can really screw with your mind and make you question things that you might not otherwise. Plus I knew that something kind of big needed to happen between the both of them to really open both of their eyes to make them realize that they both had good things going on in their lives with their significant others and that even if something might have been possible in the past that it didn't matter because they both love the people that they are with now. I'm not really sure that this helped at all and honestly it's a little frustrating because this all sounded better in my head than I've been able to explain it both in my writing and here. If you guys have any more questions feel free to let me know and I will do what I can to try to make what's going on make more sense.

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  1. No it cleared everything up! I hope you get better soon. Here's some virtual chicken soup (I don't think that will help with bronchitis but it tastes good anyway).