Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kill The Messenger Chapter 35

A short one before I go to work. Hopefully I will be able to work on another one after I get home.

To EHisCdn. I was shocked to see that someone commented before you too. I guess that you need to pick it up! lol Let me know what you think of this one because I wasn't really sure who it should be. Again I wrote a couple of different versions and I thought that this one would be the most unexpected.

I opened the door a little wider and stared at the person who was standing on the doorstep.

" Hey Nik, what are you doing here?" I asked trying to not sound as surprised as I was

" Adam knew I was in town visiting mom and dad and he called and told me what happened. He asked me to come over and check on you."

I was surprised that she would even do that because frankly she hated me, at least I had always thought so. She had never given me any indication otherwise

" Let's get it straight that I don't care how you feel right now. I'm only here because Adam asked me and frankly I think that what you did was really shitty." she said as if she was reading my mind

" I know it was and trust me if I could take it back I would. I really had no idea how he felt all of these years."

" I find it really hard to believe that you didn't know. I always thought that you were taking advantage of his feelings."

I shook my head. That would explain the anomosity that was present in our relationship since we had met.

" I'm sorry but I didn't. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt him. I hope you know that."

She turned her head and looked at me like she was thinking about what I said. She finally nodded her head like she believed what I had said.

" You know that he is in a really good place in his life right now. He is playing well and finally found someone that compares to you that he actually wants to settle down with. Do what ever you need to do to fix it."

I swallowed and nodded once again, afraid that if I spoke that any words that I would try to say wouldn't come out right anyway.

" I'll call Adam and let him know that you are here and okay." She said as she turned around and headed out to her car without saying goodbye. I shut the door behind me and thought about what she had told me, which was basically the same thing that my mother had told me. I turned on my phone and saw that I had several missed phonecalls and text messages, mostly from the guys teammates wanting to know what was going on. I scrolled through them and my heart stuttered in my chest when I came across one from earlier in the day. All it said was " He told me what happened." Shit now I had another person to deal with. All I wanted to do was crawl into a little hole somewhere and die, the sooner the better. I text Karri to see if she was still up and if she wanted to talk to me and my phone rang a few minutes later. I tentantivly brought the phone up to my ear, again waiting for the yelling and again not getting it.

" Hello." She greeted me in a voice that seemed awfully calm for the situation that we were in.

" Umm hi Karri. I guess that we need to talk."

" Yeah but before you say anything I would like to have my say, if that's okay with you."

I agreed, it was the least that I could do.

" I was mad at first and I wanted to hate you, but in all honesty I'm glad that you did what you did. He told me that before the kiss that he was having reservations about wanting to marry me because there was still a part of him that wasn't sure that he was entirely over his romantic feelings for you. Afterwards he said he knew that it he was over it and knew that he could commit to me fully and that he might have never known for sure otherwise.

" So... Your not mad at me?" I said not wanting to push the issue but needing to be reassured

" Not really. It was something that happened and something good came out of it so it's all water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. As long as you don't plan on it happening again."

" Trust me, won't happen again. If anything it had the same effect on me too. It made me realize that I do love Patrick and that I was stupid for even questioning how I felt about him.

" Good that was what I figured and now that is out of the way, are you coming to the game tommorrow?"

" I don't think that Patrick is going to be as forgiving as you. "

" Oh come on. I need my friend to sit with and Adam wants to apologize for yelling at you. Please?"

" Okay. Fine." I huffed into the phone receiver

" So I'll see you then."

I hung up my phone and tried to sleep afterwards. I couldn't believe that she had taken that so well. Of course maybe getting me to come to the game was a ploy to get me alone so she could choke me or something. I guess it had to be a risk that I was willing to take if I wanted a chance to make things up to the one person that mattered the most


  1. not at all what I expected but loved it...

    dont know how I feel about Nik..but I am glad Karri took it well...I know I wouldnt have.

  2. Definitely not what I expected! So now they have entirely platonic feelings for each other? I still love Burs.
    I'm glad Karri took it so well, but I'm really curious as to what is going on in Patrick's head. I mean he went and got drunk and he obviously isn't being himself if his teammates are texting her about him...anyway I can't wait to see what you write.

    PS I'm not first again! I guess that's what I get from restraining myself from going on for one WHOLE day! I'll definitely try to pick it up.