Friday, April 9, 2010

Not A Post But Need Advice Please

So here's the deal and please comment cause I really would like some feedback. I've said it in a previous post but I really want to say it again. It is beyond amazing to me that there are people out there that actually not only read but enjoy what I have to write. To say that I was shocked when I saw that I had my first follower, not to mention my first comment, would be the understatement of the century. I also know that I follow blogs for several of you and know how talented you ladies are and that makes it even more special to me that you would take the time out of your lives to read what I have written. So I want to say thank you for all of the support and comments. This story has at times served as a kind of distraction for me when my real life has been falling apart and this is my question. When you guys did your stories when did you know that it was time to end them? I kind of feel like I am holding on to this like my first high school boyfriend. It was great at first but then it kind of got sucky but you stuck with them because they were your first and even if you know it wasn't the greatest you are comfortable with them. I'm not really sure if that makes any sense or not but hopefully it does. It might also be because I'm having a little bit of writers block so I really don't know what to do. I'd really hate to write some lame-ass ending and in a few weeks think of something. Ugg I'm so confused right now. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. If you don't want to post a comment I can be emailed at


  1. Hey wispensfan.
    I haven't come to the point in my story where I feel the need to end it (I'm just starting) but I do know what it's like to have writer's block.
    I want you to continue the story, but that is for entirely selfish reasons :p
    I'll respect your decision, whatever you do end up deciding.

  2. Endings are tough. they're the hardest part of a story.

    For me, I know what I want to "accomplish," or where I want the characters to be at the end. Sometimes, I don't know how that's going to happen until all of a sudden, it hits me and I just *know* somehow.

    I know what you mean about the stories being comfortable and not wanting to end them. But don't be afraid of ending a story--that only means you can begin a new one. :)

    As for writer's block, here's what I do: I step away from the computer. I go shopping, or go for a walk, or do something that does not involve writing or thinking about the story at all. It always seems that that's when the best ideas hit me, out of nowhere.

    In the end, this is your story. You're the writer. You can make anything happen--whatever you want. As long as you're happy with the story, that's all that matters; chance are, if YOU like the ending... the rest of us will, too. Best of luck!